18+ Times People Got Tattoos Of Ridiculous Things

Tattoos can be a truly amazing form of artistic expression, and can be amazing outlets for fantastic artistry!

However, some people prefer their tattoos to be a little more irreverent. So, please enjoy these 18+ times people got tattoos of ridiculous things.

"Remember that one episode of Winne the Pooh where he gets stuck in a hole and Rabbit turns his butt into a decoration? Well..."

I just cannot work out whether I absolutely love this or am creeped out slightly by it?

"Eyes in the back of my head!"

There would be no way that I could sit behind this guy for an entire flight, not with that creepy face staring at me the whole way!

"First tattoo what y'all think?"

Sure, it might not exactly be the most professional or beautiful tattoo, but I am strangely fond of it!

The Ultimate Friendship Tattoos!

Anyone who gets any form of Power Puff Girls tattoo is perfectly okay in my book.

"Pro Tip: A real good way to distract yourself during these times is to get a tattoo of your wife in a squid costume. I recommend it to everyone."

Yep, I like this advice, excuse me while I go and buy a squid costume for my partner to wear.

"You're tattoo sucks!"

What are they saying? My next what? I'd say that I hoped that this was at least ironic, but I can't see a way that it even could be ironic.

"I'm sure 2pac would approve of this?"

Oh, sure, I could see him having absolutely...loved this! I mean, what isn't there to love about it...right guys?

"My poor drunken choice..."

Why did they have to go and do Pikachu like this? What a disgrace to Pikachu's legacy!

*Cries The Black Parade...*

This girl has really committed to the emo lifestyle, I could have seen myself doing something like this at one point in my life...but thank Christ I didn't.

Can I Offer You A DeVito Egg At This Trying Time?

Now, I love Danny DeVito, and eggs, as much as the next person, but this is a level of dedication too far!

"Nice tattoo save!"

Finally! It is about time that there is a tattoo artist who can clearly draw Pikachu without turning it into a nightmarish monster!

"What future regret looks like."

I wouldn't just say "future" regret, I'd say that this person is feeling regret right damn now!


This guy should probably have checked with his future self before committing to this!

"I'm sure she'll never regret that tattoo. 'Heeeeyy, stupid lady...'"

Wow, and I thought that the Nyan Cat tattoo would age quickly, but this one has blown it out of the water!


Nope, I cannot understand why anyone would want to get that? I guess that people grieve in all manner of ways though.

"Best Tattoo Ever?"

Now this is how you do a head tattoo, not by drawing a menacing face on the back of your head!

"I love pizza so much that I got a tattoo of it a couple years ago."

In crust we trust is a great motto to live by actually, I might get someone to translate it into Latin and use it as a new family mantra.

Well, You'll Have Some Soon!

Even if this is meant to be a joke, it is a truly abysmal one to get tattooed on your body! And that's coming from me!

"Do you think there is a tiny, little, small chance she will regret this in 10 years?"

For some fans, Twilight is more than just a vacuous book and film series, it is a way of life...for some reason.

"Had an aneurysm trying to read this!"

Jesus, it's not only terrible and pointless, but it's pretentious! What a truly abysmal tattoo! Congrats!