16+ Secrets People Weren't Expecting To Find At All

There's nothing like finding something unexpected. Even if you're not the first to discover it, there's a certain thrill in looking at things a little closer and being rewarded for your efforts.

If you haven't made any interesting discoveries lately, let this list be your proxy.

Plate problems.

Reddit | RorschachKovacs

I always thought the good people at the styrofoam plate factory never made mistakes but I guess there's a first time for everything.


Reddit | kingm319

The woodgrain in this hardwood flooring could take on many shapes. In this case, it looks like a happy little snake or caterpillar.

Tough break.

Reddit | thirdpersoned_

This poor moth flew into a printer, died, and got printed on. It was quite the saga for the little guy.


Reddit | timo606

Have you ever seen a Twix wrapper like this? If you have, you were probably alive during the Reagan years. This nearly 40-year-old wrapper was found randomly in a home.

Tough tree.

Reddit | nysom2814

I don't know how tenable this in on a long-term basis but seeing a tree that's reinforced with stone certainly defies expectations.

Okay, fine.

Reddit | Sasquatch1916

I don't know why this person was so possessive of these drill bits but they made their feelings very clear.

Hidden treasure.

Well, it isn't treasure, actually. This is what a landlord found in the bottom of a vent after renting out a property for more than thirty years.

Just dial 7.

This yard stick is clearly vintage. How vintage is it? Well, the hardware store it's advertising has a one-digit phone number (it's 7, in case you want to give it a ring).

Rare variant.

Reddit | Crystal_Methany_

This wafer-free Kit-Kat can be viewed two ways: the pessimist would feel robbed of the crispy wafer goodness, while the optimist would welcome the extra milk chocolate.

Surprise roommates.

Reddit | SupremeMosquito

We need to preserve bee habitats. They make honey, pollinate flowers, and leave us alone for the most part. Still, you probably don't want a hive in your ceiling.

Last vestige of summer.

Reddit | EnterNicname

This autumn leaf has retained its summer coloration in just one section. I've never seen a leaf that does this before.

Unicorns exist.

Reddit | Bristolblueeyes

This is a pony that stopped in the perfect position to make it look like a unicorn. At least, that's what the photographer says. I think the jury is still out.

Love you more.

This photographer was sitting by a tranquil pond, looking at the waving grass, when they saw a sign: the word LOVE, clearly spelled out in the tall grass.


Reddit | Innocent-L

Manufacturing glitches can cause our favorite processed treats to take on some weird characteristics. Just look at this extra-long piece of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Cookie floof.

Reddit | pizzaqveen

This looks, from any other angle, like a white cat with some dark splotches. But if you get the chance for tummy rubs, you'll see a hidden cookie in the tummy.

Worlds collide.

This Roku remote has a Blockbuster Video button. I had no idea the era of Blockbuster coincided — even briefly — with the era of on-demand video.

Not a hotel.

Reddit | reoltlaonc

Imagine walking into this hotel lobby and looking for a room, only to be told that it's a hospital. Apparently, it was originally designed to be a hotel.

A thermometer's a themometer.

Reddit | FungusBrewer

The thermometer in this random vehicle is just an off-the-shelf meat thermometer that resides in a hole in the dashboard.

Send an SOS to the world.

Reddit | Motherhazelhoff

We don't know what it says, but there's a message inside this bottle that's embedded in a brick wall. I wonder what the story here is.

Easter egg.

Reddit | seenoweevils

This is an extreme close-up of a Hot Wheels car. For some reason, there's a diecast rat eating a diecast pizza in the front.

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