15+ Satisfying Pics We Were Irrationally Happy About

Satisfaction is a difficult emotion to capture or describe, but it's also something that can often be perfectly summed up by a photo.

If you're not at least a little bit satisfied by these pics, you should probably get checked out.

Perfect fit.

Reddit | blending-tea

Sure, most vacuum cleaners can be pushed into corners in an unwieldy way, but have you ever seen one with a head that folds perfectly into corners?

Phone cameras are pretty good these days.

Reddit | animepiss

If you've ever doubted how far phone cameras have come, compare these gorgeous snowflakes to whatever would have been captured on a one-megapixel camera from ten years ago.

Fun and delicious.

Reddit | PondaBaba3

These gummy, brick-shaped candies aren't licensed by Lego but that doesn't stop them from having Lego-esque instructions on the back for building a gummy car.

Frosty elegance.

Reddit | deltaviper17

I love the patterns and undulations created by the frost on the roof of a car. It almost looks like ferns or palm fronds.

I'm a big kid now.

Reddit | codel123

This Little Tikes-themed Smart car is a spot-on homage to the classic toy car. It's also what little kids have always dreamed of.

Winter scene.

Reddit | milk-cat

Sure, you could look at the real trees in the background or you could look at the much prettier snow-covered trees on the back windshield.

What are the odds?

Reddit | 1Vuzz

When you're playing darts, it usually doesn't matter if there are other darts already on the board. It's not like they're going to hit each other or anything.

Fast food.

Reddit | thejnb

This idyllic McDonald's bun is either an aesthetic triumph of affordable fast food or a disturbing example of how far we've come from homemade goodness.

Beep boop.

Reddit | Planthropist

I think a lot more people would mail letters if every mailbox looked more like R2-D2. Who doesn't want a droid's help in delivering their stuff?

Star of peas.

Reddit | yolochengbeast

I have no idea what caused this phenomenon but it's pretty interesting how boiling water has pushed these peas into a star shape.

Salt bae.

Reddit | aquariyasqueen

This person can be certain that their salt lamp is genuinely made of salt. After all, look at the perfectly cube-shaped crystals that have formed underneath.

This invention sucks.

Reddit | SligPants

How satisfying would it be to simply rake leaves to the curb, foregoing bags entirely, then watching this big leaf sucking thing do its job along the block?

Before and after.

Grungy silverware has a way of looking like it'll never be clean. But if you apply a little elbow grease (and silver cleaner), the results are dramatic.


Reddit | Staceface666

There's something about the reflection of blue skies juxtaposed against a menacing, dark sky that really makes this whole picture pop.

Brick of bricks.

Reddit | christhegamer96

This slightly trippy, twisted gigantic Lego brick is actually made of many regular-sized Lego bricks. There's really nothing that Lego can't do.

Trees find a way.

Reddit | Watoosky

This tree bent over a driveway and gave a bunch of branche space to flourish. Or are they separate trees? Either way, it's a unique sight.

Licensed siding.

Reddit | PO1983

This garage uses old license plates as its siding. They're completely rusted for the most part, but they still seem to be working.

Perfect pairing.

Reddit | NotHeIpfuI

Here's a pilot at a gas station as he fills his...Pilot. He can't be the only pilot who drives a Pilot but he's the first I've seen.

Branding is on point.

Reddit | Itsnottuna

Bollards are usually big, ugly things. But the pencil-themed bollards in front of this school prove that it's possible to have some fun with the form factor.

Yes please.

Reddit | m33kil

No, your eyes haven't fooled you. This is a bag of pure, unadulterated, official Oreo cream — sorry, creme — that this person was lucky enough to procure.

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