Kate Hudson Says She's A 'Strict' Mom: 'When I Say No, It's Done'

Every parent has a different style of parenting. Some parents are hippies or free spirits who want to let their children grow up without restrictions, and others are more by-the-book who want to give their children structure and boundaries. Neither way is right or wrong, it all comes down to how you parent and how your children react.

Usually, when it comes to celebrities, more parents are free spirit types, but not actress Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson is a gorgeous actress.

Known for her killer performances in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Almost Famous, Fool's Gold, Bride Wars, Something Borrowed, You Me And Dupree and tons more, Kate is a household name.

She's not just an actress — she's also a mom.

Kate is a loving mom to three children. She has two boys: Ryder, 16; and Bingham, 9; and one daughter: Rani, 3.

That's a big age range to try to parent, but it really seems like she's figured it out!

When people think of celebrity parents, they probably don't think of someone being strict.

We know the stereotypes for celebrity parents is that they're usually sort of hippies or at least very relaxed with their children, but it turns out that stereotype might not be based on very much truth.

Kate has revealed she is "a strict mother" which "came as a surprise to my entire family."

"But it's the things that I'm strict about," Kate explained. "Where I am strict is that there are certain rules that I put down. I don't negotiate with my kids about certain things."

Kate says that she avoids negotiations with her children by putting her foot down.

"And what I realized about that is that when you set that standard in your home, you don't end up in long-winded negotiations. When I say no, it's done," Kate went on.

Kate added that she's "very, very strict about manners."

"I have no tolerance for lying," Kate revealed. "The tiny lies or the big ones."

We think that's a pretty good boundary to set as a parent!

Kate argues that parents "need to create reasonable boundaries."

"And that's, I think, an important part of their development. How far they can push something," Kate said. "And how you as a parent handle it is a huge part of growing up."

There are some areas where Kate isn't as strict.

"When it comes to your feelings or emotions," Kate explains. "I'm very open. I give my children a lot of space to make mistakes."

I think this is so important for your kids' ability to trust you and feel safe going to you when they mess up!

"I'm super lenient when it comes to matters of the heart," Kate has previously explained about her mothering style.

"I'm actually quite lenient as long as they're doing their part," Kate told Health magazine. "As far as I'm concerned, there's what you're entitled to and then there's your privileges."

"The only things you're entitled to are a roof over your head, food, and my love."

"Everything else is a privilege and I'll take it away in a heartbeat if you're not respecting our home's moral compass," Kate explained.

It seems like Kate has really found the perfect balance for her family!

However, Kate is definitely not about to mommy-shame mothers who go about it differently.

Kate explains that "there's way too much judging going on in the world," and adds, " we all need to have an open mind and feel good about what we're doing and let people live the way they want to live."

h/t: People