Joe Biden Turns Heads After Appearing In Whimsical Socks

I can recall feeling a palpable relief when it was clear that the 2020 Presidential Election was over. Although some anxieties had built up in the months leading up to it, they reached critical mass with each unpredictable day that the nation's voting patterns remained uncertain.

Of course, this soon gave way to a new host of anxieties when a peaceful transfer of power seemed uncertain as the Trump campaign made repeated claims of widespread voter fraud and the General Services Administration refused to grant Biden's transition team access to federal resources.

But relief came yet again when the GSA relented and that transition could begin.

So while we wait for the next thing to worry about, let's enjoy this moment of relative calm with some lighter fare.

If you've only seen him from the waist up, you might have missed that Former President George H.W. Bush had an affinity for colorful socks.

As you can see, they definitely stand out in this photo that saw America's living presidents at the time gather together.

And as is appropriate for someone who makes such a thing their signature, he seemed to have a pair for every occasion.

For instance, here we can see him wearing some Houston Texans socks as he was on his way to meet their newest head coach at the time.

He also had a star-studded pair on when he went to see Hamilton.

But now, one photo that recently hit Twitter seems to suggest that President-Elect Joe Biden may be dipping his toes into that idea himself.

At least, that's what Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Epstein wondered when she made us aware of his fanciful footwear.

And before anyone asks, she's aware of how frivolous this discussion seems. As she said, "Yes, there are plenty of more substantive things to tweet about but we can have some fun sometimes too."

While there's a clear pattern to Biden's socks, it's a little hard to make out the design's details in a photo taken that far away.

In this closer shot, we can see that his dark blue socks have a bunch of little dogs printed on them.

If you've spent any period of time on social media this year, you can probably predict the reactions to this post.

For this user, this represented the kind of fluff reserved for favored candidates, rather than the higher level of scrutiny seen during President Trump's administration.

They clearly saw this as an example of an implicit liberal bias in mainstream media.

But while some other Americans resented the idea that this person spoke for them, another happened to voice a different perspective on the matter without seeing that person's tweet.

As this person saw it, it was actually Trump himself who was constantly on the attack and any perceived bias was either a report on or a reaction to his own actions and statements.

However, another user objected on different grounds. Namely, they didn't see Biden as having any claim to the sock throne.

And they had a pretty compelling argument in the form of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's much more eye-catching Chewbacca socks.

I suppose that means the two leaders will have something pleasant in common to talk about before they get down to brass tacks when Biden takes office.

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