14+ Jokes Hidden In Places We Least Expected

People love to hide little jokes around the world for others to find, sort of like real-life DVD Easter eggs...which I guess are just Easter eggs now that I think about it.

Anyway, please enjoy these clever jokes that were hidden in the strangest places.

"Local tire shop has a jar full of various things they've found inside of popped tires."

You could be forgiven for missing a nail or a screw on the road, but some of the things in that jar look impossible to miss!

"My gf was not nearly as amused as I was."

I used to have a friend in college who could barely look at a cup of coffee without having to sprint to the bathroom, so this would be very appropriate for him.

"My girlfriend added stickers to her pregnant belly, and I'm crying."

Someone suggested that this should be this baby's social media profile picture for the rest of their life, and I love that idea.

"What did you call me!? Oh..."

Yeah, I read that how I think most people would and naturally assumed that this was a note from one hell of an angry roommate!

"[A] note our neighbors left us after a very windy day..."

"Is this your bin lid sticking out of my car windshield?"

"Nope, definitely not mine."

"It has your name on it."


"Rare honesty..."

If only you could put bumper stickers like this on the backs of your kids' coats.

"Strippers Found At Home Depot."

Life can be difficult for a paint stripper in today's economy, but at least these have the luxury of being "premium" strippers.

"I found a pre y2k zippo while magnet fishing today!"

Is it weird that I really want one of these now? What a nostalgia hit!

"I think we can all agree this doesn't seem like a horrible idea in 2020."

Oh God, can you imagine the relief of just being lifted up and away by owls nowadays? That would be a bloody dream!

"A real mussel car!"

Sweet merciful crap, how long has that car been under the water for? This is one hell of an expensive, yet effective, way to go fishing for mussels!

"The Guardian gave Tom Hardy's new film 'Legend' two stars. The film's poster designer hid it in plain sight."

Talk about turning your greatest weakness into your greatest asset, this is pretty ingenious.

"I'm really nervous I'm going to cut this the wrong way."

Make sure you don't make the wrong cut, otherwise you'll have to throw the whole thing in the bin!

"For Thanksgiving they asked my son what he was thankful for..."

Okay, so it might not be the cleverest answer, but by God, it cracks me up and I don't really know why!

"Took the wrong exit in Austin and look what I ran into!"

No one is safe from having to be quarantined, not even beloved fictional characters!

"This dog collar..."

I think that this would make a great tattoo for people who have a tendency to have one or two too many tequilas on a night out.

"My statue of Zeus broke and now he looks like he's throwing someone a roll of toilet paper."

Right, well now I want one of these broken decorations too! Nothing like being chucked a toilet roll by a god!

Open Your Eyes Sheeple!

This company must be the concrete levelers for conspiracy donuts across the land. Not a bad market if you can corner it.

"How to curb roadrage!"

Now they just need to make sure that they stay in the right lane and don't be one of those donuts trying to overtake in the outside lane in a bloody caravan!

"Local florist letter board never disappoints."

You wouldn't really think that a florist would be the place to find jokes like this. I mean, normally when it comes to jokes, they haven't botany!

"Let's make some lyrics!"

Also, didn't Gaston die by technically falling off a roof? What beautiful irony.