15+ Problems That Even MacGyver Would Be Hard Pressed To Fix

Here's the thing about MacGyver: sure, he solved problems, but he did so in situations that were explicitly designed for him to solve. In the real world, we don't really have that luxury. So the next time you run into an insurmountable problem, just remember: MacGyver probably wouldn't deal with it any better.

Time for a new car.

Reddit | Hades43A

I'm sure this doesn't quite make the car a write-off, but it makes it pretty undriveable for awhile. I can't think of any MacGyver-ish method that would get the key out, either.

What are the odds?

Reddit | PokeySalmon

You know those little bags of silica gel that come with stuff? Have you ever ripped one open? Turns out the little granules are perfectly sized to get hopelessly stuck in your aux port.

It's raining balsamic.

"My smoke detector is leaking balsamic vinegar because the landlord's baby knocked over a huge bottle of the stuff, and it poured into the vent system, so now we have balsamic vinegar dripping out of everything."

Toasted spaghetti.

Reddit | crzummallen

This is a powerful reminder of the importance of keeping your bags of spaghetti manageable. A bag of dry spaghetti might be one of the worst things to spill.

Finished the job.

Reddit | stijn_willem

Apparently this vehicle is designed to clean bridges, although it looks more like it's custom-built to destroy everything it drives over.

That doesn't seem right.

Reddit | SolusSolaris

It's awesome to have a stove powered by natural gas. It's a little weird if this is how you get it, though. Who refills those things, Spiderman?

Acetone, man.

Reddit | DivineBanana

This person spilled acetone on their desk and thought they cleaned it up. Turns out they didn't clean all of it up, and now their mouse is melting.

Guess I'll just keep feeling unsafe.

Reddit | nimernith

I'm not sure if this was done in good faith and the button was later removed, or if it's a way to cruelly mock those who need help.


Reddit | ActionHousevh

Speaking from experience, this might be fixable. Everything might just click back together. Then again, it might not. Either way, this isn't a fun experience.

Scohol days.

Reddit | jaydon_epic_man

When something is painted, it's permanent (at least until someone paints over it). This is going to mess with kids who are learning their ABC's.

The sign told them to keep walking.

Reddit | SlothFanatic94

There's nothing you can do about an aggressive goose. It stakes out its area and messes with everyone who passes through. All we can do is wait for it to die of old age.

Mission: Impossible.

Reddit | SafeSecks

Here's a problem that might actually have a McGyver-ish solution to it. What else is in the bathroom stall? Could someone fashion some kind of rescue hook?

First day on the job.

Reddit | mayoanyezz

I knew that forklifts could do all sorts of neat things. I didn't know that one of those neat things would make their cab and controls completely inaccessible.

Air fried.

Reddit | LoserWithGlasses

This air frier was left on a stove burner that was accidentally turned on. On the plus side, at least that stove burner definitely works.

Close enough.

Reddit | X-LaxX

I've seen MacGyver make some impressive inventions, but can he make a blue pencil actually display the right color?

It's-a me, Lario.

Reddit | jaydon_epic_man

These look like officially licensed Nintendo figurines, so they've got that going for them. Maybe they decided to find out what it was like to switch shirts.

Classic dad move.

Reddit | unidentifies

"My dad says, 'Google is doing this stupid thing where the blur the top left part of the results. Facebook is doing it too actually.' He melted the top left corner of his screen."

A litter box by any other name.

Reddit | TheLoxFox

There are twenty cups of uncooked rice in this pot. Of course, the cat views it as a fun new kind of litter box.

The unopenable.

Reddit | baki995

This lid should pop right off with the aid of a bottle opener, but apparently it wants to protect its secrets awhile longer.

4K really is a game-changer.

Reddit | mattytiz

This is what it looked like when an unfortunate shopper came home and plugged in their new TV. I don't think this is salvageable.

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