16 Creations That Just Create Confusion

Here's a solid lesson to take away from this article: Just because you can make something does not mean that you should. Sure, the DIY might seem like a great idea, but sometimes it's best to just head to the store instead. And by sometimes, I generally mean basically all the time.

1. A "handmade masterpiece" that will surely give even the biggest sheep fan nightmares for decades to come 

Reddit | fertdirt

And then you're going to spend way more than $900 on therapy to try and get this monster out of your head.

2. Super helpful! I'm always craving a tomato when I'm out for a run. Really helps me ketchup during races 

Reddit | j1ggy

And nothing makes you run faster than having some solid acid reflex while out for a jog. The added weight really steps up your stamina, too.

3. "You know what will really trip up any potential robbers? Two handles!"—The designer of this house, probably

Because I see no other reason for such a strange handle situation. But there has to be some sort of method to this.

4. A gaming setup that I don't think anyone should be proud of or use, TBH, because it is one sudden movement away from collapsing

Reddit | falopafxd

Unless you have zero cares about it falling apart at any given moment. In that case, play on, my friend.

5. Just another way to take advantage of your fav snack 

Reddit | Reddit

It's especially helpful if you see a sale at the store, and also have exactly zero standards for your health and well-being.

6. For when you need to have some very personal conversations face to face 

Reddit | Reddit

Two chairs? Oh, no. This is meant for the closest of friends. Those who have no personal boundaries whatsoever.

7. Spending money on a mixer? Who does that? 

Reddit | shea241

A fork and drill are all you need. And to be totally okay with having a potential kitchen disaster on your hands.

8. Finally, someone has figured out a way to safely pour water from a bottle. About time 

Reddit | wazzuuudabber

Taking the lid off is far too tricky for the average person to handle, but inserting a hose? Brilliant.

9. A door is a door, so I guess this makes sense 

Reddit | EmpJustinian

What else would you use to fix a broken door other than another door? Just add a doorbell in and you're set.

10. This would ensure that you're never late for dropping the kids off at preschool 

Reddit | dreemurthememer

Might be a bumpy ride, but that's what helmets are for, right? And this is the fastest way to ensure that your kids are daredevils like you.

11. Who doesn't like their coffee with two sugars and some fur?

Reddit | anarchisto

Personally, if we're having fur added into our morning routines, I want it used for the slippers only.

12. Not sure if that little piece of wood is going to help much at all

Reddit | ratwhale86

And let me tell ya, if it doesn't do its job, then it's going to be a real crappy situation.

13. This method of riding in style

I mean, it looks comfortable. And comfort is key if you're going to be whipping around the city like that. Plus, no hands needed which is nifty.

14. Customization taken to a whole other level

Reddit | Korbett89

At least this assures you that no one is going to steal your bike, because no one is going to even attempt to figure this out.

15. Need extra traction? Got that covered 

Reddit | GeneReddit123

A DIY that's perfect if you switch to snow tires every year. And perfect if you want to risk deflating your tires at the same time.

16. And an iPad stand that's colorfully creative, but a little strange

Reddit | SkyfallStar

Truly, the only strange bit is having lids off of the markers. That seems like an unnecessarily messy idea.

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