15+ Ideas That Didn't Quite Hit The 'Genius' Mark

I believe that a large part of success is just confidence. You may not be the most qualified for a certain role but if you go in with confidence, those around you won't even notice.

Of course, confidence isn't everything. Take the things on this list for example, created with conviction and still missing the 'genius' mark.

"This convenience store’s floor is made of bottle caps."

On an aesthetic level, the lack of a set pattern bothers me. On a functional level, it's the lack of a sealer.

"Hanging pringle can LED."

I know we're all about upcycling right now couldn't at least paint it or something?

"This guy built a mini-door complete with doorknob into the front door at the place he’s renting, for his cat Stanley."

Wouldn't a flap-style door be way more functional or can Stanley open doorknobs?

"My roommate’s UV flashlight can detect scorpions, apparently."

Scorpions aren't even native to my area but you never know when they could sneak in and need to be detected.

"Our newest 'modern' sink is completely flat, which doesn't make all the water go into the sinkhole."

I see this issue a lot with modern furniture. Comfort and functionality is on the way out in exchange for right angles and cold colors.

"This shower has shower heads on each side."

It feels like they wanted it to be one of those fancy showers with waterfall heads and jets on the walls and stuff, but it misses the mark.

"Looks like a 3 year-old organized these elevator buttons."

The one that was obviously written in marker really sends this over the edge.

"My friends homemade glasses."


No, really, what? I have so many questions.

"Redneck on Facebook trying to sell 'customized' ornaments."

Honestly, this kind of matches the energy 2020 brought. Disappointing, uncreative, and a huge ripoff.

"Found a rectangular-shaped CD."

Were these created to help ease the transition for those who didn't want to part with cassettes just yet?

"Some public bathrooms in the Netherlands can be raised and lowered into the ground."

Nothing to help ease the shame of using a public bathroom like having to summon it out of the ground.

"There's a half-height door hidden behind a normal-sized door in my basement."

The uploader explained that behind that door just a small, cool room that they mostly use to store wine and spare boxes. Not very exciting, but still strange. I think a normal closet would have done the trick.

"The size of the hood on this otherwise well enough fitting newborn hoodie."

I'm convinced whoever designed this had never actually seen a baby and thought they all had bobblehead proportions.

"I made a lil candle outa [sic] babybel cheese wax."

It's functional but — and let's be honest here — was it worth the effort?

"All the books on this bookshelf have chopped up and glued to the wall."

This has to be a crime. Point blank. I feel scandalized just looking at it.

"This miniature leather bound library of classics I inherited from a friend, all no bigger than my palm."

Another case of small books but this one is more normal and not a case of mutilation.

"This restaurant I’m at has a separate menu specifically for dogs."

I'm happy that there's a restaurant out there that has enough dog customers to warrant this.

"I have a real pizza epoxy doorstop."

I actually sighed out loud when I saw this. I don't know why, either. I've seen more heinous items out there but this one just made me feel exhausted.

"The roof on this house looks like it has slipped..."

Yeah, no wonder that style of roof isn't super common. I don't need that kind of anxiety in my life.

"There are bins along cycle paths in the Netherlands which allow you to throw out rubbish without slowing down."

Right, because I'm sure everyone gets it in every time and no one ever misses.

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