16+ Rare Pics That People Were Incredibly Lucky To Capture

Your experience may vary but I doubt that too many of us were able to grow up without having at least one friend who seemed to make up a new tall tale every day.

Whether they were boasting about some insider trick they got from their "uncle who works at Nintendo" that never worked when we got home or fanciful tales of finding the queen's missing crown jewels and being knighted for recovering them, we eventually learned to just say "sure, Jan" after they said anything.

But sometimes, people actually can prove a story that sounds like it came from that kid. And they did it with pictures like the ones you're about to see.

Robin Hood splitting the Sheriff of Nottingham's arrow was cool and all, but could he do that with his hands?

Well, as we can see, this person proved they could when they embedded their dart into the shaft of one of the other ones on the board.

But as impressive as this feat is, I wouldn't recommend trying it at an official darts tournament. Apparently, you don't get any points for this as the tip of your dart didn't touch the board.

The sheriff must've written that rule.

Despite how it looks, we're not looking at a picture taken in the day time with a broken camera.

Instead, we're seeing the result of someone trying to photograph a lightning storm happening outside. As we can see, it sort of worked as the lightning ended up illuminating half of their picture.

It's hardly uncommon to break a coffee mug but we likely couldn't do it like this if we tried.

As you may have noticed, the uploader's daughter managed to break the mug in a completely symmetrical way. This is almost the definition of "oddly satisfying."

Believe it or not, this was apparently the result of a truck losing its tire.

And no, I don't have an answer for how that tire managed to bounce over a dozen feet up before it looped around that pole.

Unless it bounced between multiple vehicles like a pinball and one of those vehicles was really tall, I'm stumped.

It should be pretty easy to understand why the uploader had such a hard time explaining what they came across here.

All they could tell us was that whatever was wrapped in palm leaves was tied to a fence by that rope while two discarded car batteries stood near it.

Unfortunately, we don't even know what's in there because the uploader wasn't about to undo those palm leaves. Again, that's understandable.

This isn't too far from how a weeping giant sequoia normally looks but it just happened to grow into a special shape.

As the uploader pointed out, this one is shaped a lot like the big mastodons you would normally see modeled in a natural history museum.

It's got tusks and a trunk and everything.

It's unclear what happened to this Blu Ray case but what is clear is that it shattered in the ordeal.

However, that makes it all the more bizarrely perfect that the copy of Unbreakable inside managed to sustain whatever happened here.

In the early days of CD-R technology, it wasn't unheard of to have one that was a disk in the same way that a floppy disk was.

That's right, despite looking a lot like a CD, this thing was rectangular.

Apparently, it was supposed to serve as a kind of digital business card that professionals treated as a kind of portfolio.

This actually isn't the first time I've seen a crack of sunlight make an exclamation mark on someone's wall.

However, any other picture I've seen where this happened didn't feature one as large or as sharply defined as this. It's the only one that seems appropriate for such loud punctuation.

As we can see, this person was just having a pretty normal day in Buckinghamshire, England.

You know, just taking the dog out for a walk and stumbling upon a vertebrae belonging to a 65 million-year-old dinosaur. Pretty average stuff, really.

This is obviously not as earth shattering as the discovery we just saw but I can't say I've ever had this happen to me.

Apparently, this person opened a Twix bar only to discover that it didn't actually come with any chocolate.

Just a vaguely chocolate-kissed cookie bar with some caramel on it. What a rip-off.

When this person caught a woodpecker, they discovered that it had a long, spiked tongue.

As the Cornell Lab of Orinthology explained, this allows them to scoop up ants and insect larvae from trees after they're finished pecking.

However, that knowledge doesn't make it any less incredible that someone managed to catch this famously agile bird. Apparently, it was trying to score some corn in the uploader's duck cage.

We can see that this glass has cola in it but none of it is reaching the bottom.

That's not because of some fancy design but rather because of the fact that the ice ball the uploader put in here happened to create a strong enough seal to keep the liquid sequestered above it.

I don't believe I've ever had that happen.

This is probably not a rare sight if you're in a certain industry but good luck even recognizing it if you're not.

Honestly, take a guess as to what we're looking at here.

Because while it's a reasonable guess to think we're looking at some bizarre sea life or a bowl of moldy soup, there's no life in here at all.

That's because it's apparently what it looks like when colorant is added to separated paint.

While the subject of that last picture only looked like it was covered in mold, the one in this photo actually is.

Reddit | Soapy_Von_Soaps

That wouldn't be such an unusual sight in an old, abandoned house or something, but it's certainly a worrying one in a store that expects you to buy this.

I don't know about you but I'd find it pretty hard to trust this place.

For years, this was probably regarded as a pretty average basketball card commemorating a member of the New York Knicks in the early '90s.

And as far as his role in it goes, that's exactly what it is. But this is an infamous basketball card for reasons not related to the player.

If you look to the left of Mr. Jackson, you'll see two young men seated next to each other. As The Washington Post tentatively confirmed, these are Lyle and Erik Menendez, who apparently secured front row seats to this game in the days between murdering their parents in 1989 and being arrested for the crime in 1990.

They remain incarcerated to this day.

No crop is completely uniform but the shape of this chili pepper remains pretty remarkable even with that in mind.

As you can see, it bears a very clear resemblance to a lower case E.

I'm guessing it's not just one example on somebody's alphabet plant because that probably would have come up in the uploader's post.

You may recognize this as an opened parachute but it's a very special one to this family.

Apparently, the uploader's pilot dad got to keep the chute after he ejected from a fighter plane in 1991. Details are sparse on what happened but it was undoubtedly a tense situation.

As we can see, this little kitty named Daisy has at least a couple of thumbs.

This is an example of polydactylism, a genetic mutation that can leave people and animals with extra digits.

As KWTX reported, it's most commonly expressed on the front paws but it's particularly rare to have all four paws look like this. Since we can't see Daisy's back paws, we don't really know how rare her condition is.

However, we do know that cats with extra digits tend to be more dexterous and therefore, better at hunting and climbing. The only downside is that their nails are harder to trim.

Out of context, you'd likely balk at the idea that there's anything rare about a sign like this.

However, the irony in the story behind it reveals that while the sign itself isn't unusual, the circumstances of how the uploader came to own it are.

As they said, "I bought this from a door-to-door salesman." Apparently, a pretty smart one who also hates all of his colleagues.

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