Instagram Account Shares Brutal Texts From People's Exes

Have you ever received a text message from an ex that you just did not want to hear from? Those people who broke your heart, or pushed you to walk away, and they think they can just come back into your life out of the blue and act like things are perfectly fine? Sometimes, people just don't get the hint or understand when things are dead and done. And, because of that, people are exposing their exes on a new Instagram account where they shred them to bits.

Tell him like it is!

We love someone who is able to call an ex out on their bullshIt. Like, texting your ex when you are engaged to someone else? That's a huge red flag. Call 'em out!

Maybe the colors will help them understand.

Getting creative may help them see the picture a bit more clearly. This person wants nothing to do with you and wants to be left alone. Respect it.

Spend his money until he deletes your number.

There's nothing better than making sure that your ex knows you will spend their money until they leave you alone and stop texting you. Revenge is a dish best served with a "cha-ching" sound.

Clever x100.

This girl has the best response. It's so good that it deserves an award. Someone give her what she needs — recognition. Wow. I'm impressed.

That's one way to start a conversation.

I mean...I just can't stop shaking my head at the audacity that this person had to text their ex this. Just... why?!?

Oh, Yikes.

"Got it" is now my response to everyone who is bothering me and sending me mass text message. Effective, to say the least.

You can't take it back, Steve.

"UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY" is sending me off a cliff. I can't believe people are so petty like this. It's too much.

Somehow, I think this is a losing strategy.

Getting a tattoo of someone's name is a huge commitment. If it doesn't work out, then you're stuck with a reminder of your ex — forever. This person seems to have found a solution to that problem... sort of.

If it's over, it's over.

The last thing women need is for their ex to keep popping back into their lives and offering unsolicited advice. It's done — we're done! Now, leave us alone in peace.

How long did it take for them to come up with this plan?

I'll give them an award for creativity at the very least. I can't say I've seen too many texts from exes that start with a photo of a shampoo bottle. Unfortunately, this strategy fell a little flat.

Could I make it any clearer?

It's kind of said that people won't take a hint.. or a person straight-up telling them to leave them alone. Are they clueless or just in denial?