14 Ideas That Weren't Good But Weren't Terrible Either

We've all made mistakes. Some we can take back, like those $500 Gucci alligator shoes you drunk bought, post-bar meltdown last Saturday night.

Others we can't, like charging those $500 shoes to your ex's credit card that you stole in revenge.

These people, however, did things that weren't TOTALLY atrocious, but like, not super swaggy either.

1. LOOK, I get this move and I respect this action, but also no offense Ms. Librarian, you're being an enabler to my lazy butt.

Reddit | TumbleWeedFilms1234

Let me get my cardio in by searching for my own dang yellow book, ya feel?

2. We all know soda is the actual devil, so why y'all trying to tease me with this? Because I will literally eat this chapstick whole lol.

Reddit | UnalteredCyst

I mean, IDK how moisturizing Mountain Dew is, but honestly, I'm open to anything.

3. No offense, but why would anyone waste these perfectly fine cheese graters to create a mediocre, hipster decorative display?

Reddit | mitsly

I've never looked at kitchen supplies and thought "honestly, light needs to shine thru this."

This restaurant owner for SURE has a man bun lol.

There's just too much FROMAGE in this world to be wasting graters on these tacky decorations.

There are pizzas to be made, nachos to be had, fondue to be melted!!!If we don't have melted cheese, like, what r we doing here?

4. This is, like, pretty messed up lol.

Reddit | My_Dude_Whats_Up

I love seafood just as much as the next bougie queen, but these are some traumatized lookin' lobsters, and I honestly cannot partake in the drama!!!

5. As a VERY lactose intolerant human, I sometimes miss the taste of that cow juice. But this makes me reach for my almond milk REAL quick.

Reddit | onlybabs

I mean, this may be some peoples jam, but it's NAWT MINE.

6. This bar legit has screens on their urinals so mans doesn't miss a second of the game.

Reddit | Svers

I love me some basketball, but I also love me time in a PUBLIC BATHROOM, so I don't rlly mess with this lol.

Actual footage of me waiting 30 minutes for my Tinder date to come back from the TV urinal bathroom theatre.

Watch him have theaudacity to ask where all the honey garlic wings went. Like...boo boo, you took FOREVER!!!

7. I support this idea but my sincerest apologizes for whoever is on the other side of that switch.

Reddit | hugheric

Imagine the horror of when that switch gets turned on and some poor soul has to run to the washroom with a biohazard mask on.

8. I can't even judge, 'cause honestly, cruises are EXPENSIVE. So I respect this attempt, as PITIFUL as it may be lol.

Reddit | GwETY

I just wonder how they got the actual car in there, cause like, dangerous???

9. Peanut butter is a commodity and shouldn't be wasted in such a vile way!

Reddit | jx2392

I can see a dark moment in my future where I whip out some bread and make a sandwich, but I hope it never comes to that.

10. I've always wanted a penthouse suite TOO, I get it.

Reddit | quarzacc

I may be broke as a joke, but I'm also not trying to LITERALLY FALL OFF A ROOF, ya know?

11. Yo girl doesn't know anything about cars, but I know this is janky and not the vibe lol.

Reddit | Scalettas

It's very, how do I say this, intense? And very, ummmm, dust?

12. I love fish. Honestly, they're so cute and lovable, but also distant and cold which is EXACTLY MA TYPE.

Reddit | Eggheadman

BUT I find this, like, v shocking — it's a real dedication to the merman life.

13. This husband was WILDIN' enough to believe this is something his wife would actually want, but like same lol.

Reddit | angelinthehallway

I would get my own dang face on a blanket for myself 'cause honestly, I am my own #1 fan YASSS.

14. As a TOTAL TV addict, this is a dedication to the screen that I respect and admire, but also fear and pray for.

Reddit | ray473

I guess 65 inches of fun is worth it tho ;)

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