Goldie Hawn Celebrates Her 75th Birthday

It's not every day that Hollywood legends celebrate their birthdays, and it's even less often that one does that we actually care about!

Goldie Hawn is impossible not to love, no matter how hard you might try (although, why would you try?!), so the fact that she's celebrating a huge milestone birthday this year is definitely worth noting and celebrating!

Break open the champagne! What? Any excuse works for me!

Goldie Hawn is a legend!

From Laugh In to The First Wives Club, Overboard to Death Becomes Her, Cactus Flower to The Christmas Chronicles, Goldie has shone in her lengthy career in Hollywood!

She's just as well known for her sweet and bubbly personality as she is for her acting chops, as well as her impressively long-lasting (especially by Hollywood's standards!) relationship with certified hunk, Kurt Russell.

Goldie was born on November 21, 1945.

That means that this year she's celebrating her 75th birthday!

It's official: being a warm and happy person must do wonders for your skin, because she looks absolutely amazing and just as gorgeous as ever!

That also explains why every year that passes I look more and more like I'm made of sandpaper, but I'll keep living in denial and slathering wrinkle cream on myself instead of changing my attitude.

Happy birthday, Goldie!

We hope 75 treats you as fantastically as you deserve!

In honor of Goldie's birthday, what's your favorite movie she's been in? I love Overboard personally but I'll definitely always have a soft spot for how freakin' sweet she was on Laugh-In. Let us know yours in the comments below and send some birthday love Goldie's way!