Aunty Acid


Dear Politicians of the world.

A wise person once said to me, “The problem with political jokes is, they always get elected."

LOL - or - not LOL?

In 2020, we, the citizens of the world are no longer laughing. It's not funny anymore.

I have a bit of information that might shock the freakin’ socks right off of you, so make sure you’re sitting down when you’re reading this okay? Are you ready? Here it is...

It’s not about you, it’s about us…the people!

Should I say that again?

It’s not about you, it’s about us. And guess what? We the people need hope and love to survive.

Somehow you seem to have forgotten that you’re doing us a service, a job. A job that we gave you. What happened to serving your countries, your people?

The world is going through one of the darkest patches it’s faced in a long time and still, your idiot lights are shining so brightly that everyone can’t seem to look away. Why is everyone still talking about you? It shouldn’t be that way. We need real light right now. The light of love, and care from above.

In the UK, children are denied the right to free school meals while the politicians stuff their mouths and pockets with expenses.

In the US, the politicians are so bad that the country has literally split in half.

Everywhere, sick patients are delayed critical care or facetime with their doctors.

Globally, you haven’t raised our hopes or inspired us with your plan. What the heck are y'all doing? Eating pies and watching reruns of Friends?

People are losing their loved ones, jobs, homes, and hope. This is not a one-country problem, this is a world problem. And what do you do? You squabble and point fingers at each other like naughty little boys in the school playground.

Talk to us about how you’re going to heal us. Talk to us about how you can mend us. Talk about how we can provide a better life for our children and grandkids. Talk to us about taking good care of our seniors and grandparents.

Bring back the Churchill’s, the FDR’s. Men who served. Humble but strong leaders who took their nations forward, who held umbrellas over us when it rained.

So hurry up, and get your act together!

Because we are so done… and so ready to come together.

Aunty Acid.