10+ Women Reveal What 'First' In Their Life They Regret The Most

Our lives are filled with so many "firsts", but it's just unrealistic to think every single one will be special, or even positive. Some can feel right at the time, but upon later reflection, we can realize that nothing good came out of that "first" at all.

A recent thread in the subreddit r/AskWomen invites the ladies of the internet to share what they think is the "first" in their life that they regret the most now.

Here are just a few of those moments that women wish they could go back and redo, or simply undo altogether.

"First time moving in with a boyfriend."

Yeah, that's a pretty big mistake you can make, especially if you guys happen to be moving a little too fast, like this woman admitted she and her BF did:

"I was young and way too immature (17), it happened pretty fast and ruined what could’ve had the potential to be a great relationship."

"The first time I went camping."

Unsplash | Scott Goodwill

As this woman explained, her very first trip to the great outdoors turned out to be anything but great: "Did not pack nearly enough clothes and did not appreciate how cold it gets outdoors at night!"

She actually received dozens of comments from other women who agreed their first camping experience was indeed so terrible, that it was also their last.

"First cigarette."

Unsplash | Irina Iriser

This woman admitted her greatest regret is ever trying a cigarette, as it led to years of keeping up the same "filthy habit."

Thankfully, about a decade ago she finally quit once and for all and hasn't had a puff since.

"First time I tried biting my nails."

Oh yeah, I can say from personal experience that this one is definitely a hard habit to kick, and is also super bad for your poor nails.

As this woman explained,

"I thought it would be a good idea to bite my nails as a kid, simply because I was bored. I haven't stopped since :( Now I do it when I'm stressed, bored or just out of habit."

"My first boyfriend."

Unsplash | Clem Onojeghuo

Many women filled the comments with stories of their terrible first beaus, whether because they were toxic, abusive, or simply just the wrong guy for them, whether they realized it at the time or not.

As this woman wrote, "My first boyfriend was a nightmare and definitely messed me up, but I feel like I was able to get the controlling, manipulative, abusive stuff out of the way when I was young...I've grown so much from the experience."

"My first period."

To clarify, this woman doesn't mean she regrets actually getting her first period (Although can I get a quick "amen", ladies?) Instead, she means she regrets how she handled it.

Feeling "too embarrassed" to tell her mom, she just packed her underwear with toilet paper for days, hoping that was what she was supposed to do. Of course, once she finally admitted she had gotten her first period to her mom, she wished she had just done so in the first place.

"My first alcoholic drink."


"I was hooked the moment I felt intoxicated," this woman admitted. "I ruined a lot of friendships and career opportunities because I wanted to chase that feeling. Hardly remember my 20s, but I am 10 months sober which is nice."

"My first tattoo."

As exciting as the prospect of your first tattoo might be, that excitement can also lead to some pretty poor decision making, a sad fact which this woman can certainly attest to:

"First tattoo! Trusted my older sisters now using the same artist that had done all of his work. I arrive and they’re getting stoned. Tattoo is trash. Absolute trash. I called out the husband, saying he recommended this guy. His response: 'let that be a lesson to you, never let a tattoo artist tattoo you under the influence of any drugs'. I was barely 18."

"My first kiss."

Unsplash | Alejandra Quiroz

Not so surprisingly, a lot of the responses to this thread had to do with some less-than-stellar first kiss experiences.

Many said they regretted not knowing the person they locked lips with; others said they just wish it had been someone else entirely. But the consensus is clear: if you can, try and make sure that first moment isn't one you're going to look back on years later and think, "Boy, I wish that had happened differently."

"First marriage."

Unsplash | Petr Ovralov

A lot of people agreed that they regret that first time they walked down the aisle.

Of course, no one gets married expecting it to end, but many of these women said that looking back on that relationship, there were a lot of red flags that should have stopped them from ever thinking tying the knot would be a good idea.

"First time having sex."

Yup, you had to know this was coming. I'd say that about 75% of the comments on this thread came from women who admitted they definitely regret the first time they actually got intimate with someone.

Many said they wished they had waited until they were a bit more mature, while others said it wasn't the timing that was wrong, but the person they did it with.

What "first" from your own life do you regret the most? Let us know!