10+ Very Famous Movies That A Lot Of People Don't Actually Like

Is there a famous movie that you absolutely hate? I know I have a bunch. For one reason or another, the hype just falls flat and what you're left with is a giant disappointment.

So in the efforts of venting a little 2020 frustration, I thought it might be fun to throw together a few of the all-time biggest letdowns. Check out these 10+ very famous movies that a lot of people don't actually like.

*The Irishman*

While it was rewarding to see Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro reunited, The Irishman as a whole was an absolute drag.

It's three-plus hours of sheer boredom, wrapped tightly around a mundane and overly drawn-out plot.

*Robin Hood*

I didn't want to believe it, but it turns out that some people don't love Disney's Robin Hood.

This was a staple of my childhood, yet somehow it only warrants a Tomato Meter score of 54%.

*The English Patient*

How this movie ever managed to rack-up nine Academy Awards is beyond me. The English Patient is so boring that most audience members never make it past the openings credits.

There's even an episode of Seinfeld dedicated to how boring The English Patient is!

*Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone*

I've got bones to pick with the entire Harry Potter franchise if I'm being quite honest.

I hate to be one of those purists who spouts off about how the movie isn't as good as the book — but here we are.

*The Matrix Revolutions*

What happened to The Matrix? I'm being serious, I really don't know. They lost me after Neo had that confusingly convoluted conversation with The Architect in the first sequel.

By the time things wrapped up in The Matrix Revolutions, many were long past caring.


I actually think that the Twilight films get a bit of a bad rap. I'm not saying they're perfect by any means but they definitely aren't as terrible as most make them out to be.

That being said, the first film is by far the worst of the lot.

*Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil*

I was the conductor of the Maleficent hype train. No one wanted Mistress of Evil to be a success more than I did.

But sadly, the sequel simply lacked all of the magic and charm of its predecessor.

*The Revenant*

No disrespect to Leo, but he shouldn't have won an Oscar for The Revenant. He should have won for Blood Diamond, or The Wolf of Wall Street, or the countless other worthy films he's starred in over the years.

How someone wins Best Actor for grunting and growling for two hours straight is beyond me.

*Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith*

Holy moly this one made people mad.

Not only do legions of Star Wars fans loathe every second of Revenge of the Sith, but it's also widely regarded as being the absolute worst film in the Star Wars canon.

*The Godfather Part III*

Perhaps the most globally despised film over the past few decades is The Godfather Part III. But in fairness, it never really stood a chance.

When you're constantly being compared to what are arguably two of the greatest movies ever made, you're always going to come up wanting.

*Suicide Squad*

Few films are more paradoxical than The Suicide Squad. It became a box office smash simply because people were lining up to see how bad of a film it was rumored to be.

In that regard, audiences were certainly not disappointed.

*Top Gun*

Top Gun is a great movie in the same way that "The Grapes of Wrath" is a great book. Which is to say, that it isn't. Not at all.

Have you ever actually tried to sit through Top Gun? After hearing "Danger Zone" for the 100th time, it wanes on you.

*Justice League*

Justice League was a trainwreck. After Zack Snyder was forced to depart due to a personal tragedy, it was drastically knocked off its course.

Here's to hoping that The Snyder Cut is everything we hope that it will be.

*Man Of Steel*

The main problem that many people have with Man of Steel is that it violates Superman's strict 'no killing' policy.

When we see him murder General Zod, it's perceived as a failure on Superman's part, not a triumph.


I personally love Grease but it's understandable why it would be polarizing to an audience.

At the end of the day, most people have a hard time sitting down to watch a musical. I'm simply not one of them.