Quotes For When The 'Power Of Positivity' Is Just A Suggestion

The year 2020 has put a serious strain on my ability to look at the bright side. I imagine that's true for a lot of people.

Now, I've never been a true believer in the #powerofpositivethinking thing, because I don't think willful ignorance of reality is very healthy, but I do try to find the silver linings around the giant clouds of suck.

Sometimes they're very, very pale silver, but they're there.

Mostly, I've muscled my way through the year via a mixture of DIY projects — Yeah, I'm one of those people — and binge-watching nostalgic faves in bed with the dogs.

Is it the healthiest past time?

Eh, probably not, but we all need self-care right now and if that means napping with a snoring doggo under my chin while Sailor Moon fights evil by moonlight, then so be it.

When the first lockdowns and general distancing began, I worried that living alone might be rough.

It's a long time to go without regular interaction with people who aren't masked from the nose down.

But looking at how friends are struggling to be stuck together all the damn time and how tempers are getting frayed...I think I'm good with the dogs.

Because people are really just the worst right now.

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