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This Silicone Baking Ribbon Lets You Bake Any Shape You Want

Many of us have faced the frustrating struggle of trying to form our cakes into the perfect shape, and then ending up with a cake with more than a few battle wounds.

This Baking Ribbon by the company Quirky may finally give us a chance to bake cakes that aren't just the right shape, but are also created with a professional looking precision that will let us all have beautiful cakes (and eat them too!)

Baking just became a piece of cake.

These baking ribbons connect to steel baking pans using magnets that will keep the batter steady as the magic begins and our beautiful cakes are born into the world.

Make sure your dessert is completely baked through before you peel the baking ribbon off to reveal your confectionary masterpiece.

These baking ribbons are getting our cakes in shape.

These would be great gifts for the baking lovers in your life. And even if your loved ones aren't so interested in baking up a perfectly-shaped storm, these would make wonderful birthday cakes for a truly special day.

It may be time to give one a try.

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These silicon baking ribbons are great for a variety of baked goods, so it's an excellent time to start trying them with all of your recipes.

Be open to all of the baking possibilities.

Unfortunately for us, it seems like these specific magnetic silicon ribbons will remain just a concept for now. They're no longer being made due to the company Quirky's bankruptcy. However, there are similar baking ribbons available on Amazon and other retailers for around $13-$17.

Let us know what you think in the comments. Would you ever use a magnetic baking ribbon or do you prefer regular, tried and true molds?

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