Larry King Celebrates His 87th Birthday

While some celebrities are flashes in the pan of life (various influencers, reality starlets, and viral video stars come to mind, or they would, if I could remember a single one of their names), others are total legends and their impact on the world will last longer than they'll be around to see.

Obviously, Larry King is the second kind. Not only is he a style icon (those suspenders! Those glasses! What a hunk!) but he's also had such a huge impact on the world of television and radio.

Larry King is, fittingly, the king of broadcasting.

Larry has won two Peadbody awards, an Emmy, and 10 Cable ACE Awards for his work as a television and radio host over his career which has spanned well over fifty years since he started in 1957.

He hosted The Larry King Show, a national call-in radio show, Larry King Live on CNN, and Larry King Now on Hulu, among other programming.

While it seems like Larry has just always been around doing his thing, he's actually not an immortal — he was born on November 19th, 1933.

That means that this year, Larry is celebrating his 87th birthday!

That's amazing! Larry is one of those celebrities who's pretty much looked the same age his entire life, so I feel like you could tell me he was anywhere between 50 and 100 and I would've believed you.

Happy birthday, Larry!

We hope the King himself takes it easy today and enjoys all the perks of getting older — enjoying the newspaper, watching the weather channel, and going to bed early without a care in the world!

What? Is that just me?