10+ Celebrities Who Have Died In 2020

While most of us will never meet the celebrities that we love, it can still be really devastating and sad when they pass away.

Celebrity deaths often are a cause for collective mourning, and fans also are concerned for the loved ones of these stars.

Here are the celebrities that died in 2020. They will be missed especially as we all still deal with their recent loss.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant's death was extremely difficult for many sports fans. He was only 41 when a helicopter accident took his life.

The accident was especially tragic as multiple other passengers, including his daughter Gianna, also passed away in the helicopter crash. Our hearts still go out to all of the families impacted.

Sean Connery

Connery was known for many roles but especially for being the first star to play James Bond. This iconic role ensured he would always have a place in Hollywood's history.

He passed away in his sleep while in the Bahamas in October. He was 90 years old.

Chi Chi DeVayne


The drag queen, whose real name is Zavion Davenport, was a contestant on season eight of RuPaul's Drag Race and competed again on All-Stars 3.

DeVayne passed away at the tragically young age of 34 after being hospitalized for kidney failure.

Grant Imahara

Fans of the show Mythbusters will remember how Imahara brought fun and a great personality to the show. He was also famous for doing visual effects for Lucasfilm.

He passed away from a brain aneurysm in July, and he was only 49 years old.

Kelly Preston

The actress passed away this summer at the age of 57 after a two-year battle with breast cancer.

She was known for films such as Jerry Maguire and What a Girl Wants. She is survived by her husband, John Travolta, and their son Benjamin.

Ian Holm

The British actor had a long, successful career, and he is best known for his roles as Ash in Alien and as Bilbo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings.

He was 88 years old when he passed away this summer from Parkinson's related complications.

Alex Trebek

The well-loved Jeopardy host passed away on November 8th after his battle with pancreatic cancer.

This death had upset millions of fans of all ages who found peace and comfort watching the show over the years. He will be greatly missed!

Kenny Rogers

This country music legend was known for huge hits such as "The Gambler."

He passed away at the age of 81 in March. His family posted on Twitter that "Rogers passed away peacefully at home from natural causes under the care of hospice and surrounded by his family."

Naya Rivera

Best known for her role as Santan Lopez on Glee, Rivera's death was especially sad because of the tragic circumstances under which it occurred.

After going missing in July on a boat trip in California, the 33-year-old star's body was found on July 13. She drowned while going swimming with her four-year-old son. She was able to save him but not herself.

Betty Wright

Betty Wright was an iconic soul and R&B singer. She died at the age of 66, but her cause of death has not been released yet.

She was a Grammy Award winner and wrote many hits for stars such as Gloria Estefan and Jennifer Lopez.

Regis Philbin


The iconic talk show hose passed away in July at the age of 88.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Philbin's family said "We thank his fans and admirers for their incredible support over his 60-year career and ask for privacy as we mourn his loss."

Ifrhan Khan

Ifrhan Khan is an icon in Bollywood, but he's also made many appearances in Hollywood films such as The Life of Pi, Slumdog Millionaire, and Jurassic World.

He passed away at the age of 53 after battling with a neuroendocrine tumor.

Eddie Van Halen

This famous guitarist was a founding member of Van Halen, and he even was the namesake for this legendary rock band.

He passed away from throat cancer on October 6th at the age of 65. It's always tragic how many lives cancer takes from us each year.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The Supreme Court Justice died at the age of 87 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

She was a trailblazer who was the second woman to serve on the court when she was appointed in 1993. Much of her carer was focused on advancing the rights of women.

Chadwick Boseman

The beloved star was best known for playing T'Challa in Black Panther, and his untimely and surprising death in August shocked and upset so many fans.

His death was a huge blow to the many people who admired him, and no one even knew that he had been battling colon cancer for so many years. He. was only 43.