15+ Unexpected Discoveries People Couldn't Keep To Themselves

It's impossible to anticipate everything that might come at you in a given day.

From the weird to the infuriating, sometimes the best way to cope with these unexpected things is to take a pic and share your discovery with the internet.


Reddit | jimmysho2

Yes, this is a clearance bar designed to keep any vehicles eight feet or taller from entering. My only question is why they would do this in a lot with no ceilings.

In plain sight.

Reddit | Banankartong

This Swedish castle is hundreds of years old and utility workers don't want to mar its beautiful facade with rubbish bins. They got creative and made the bins blend into the wall behind.

The hills have eyes.

Reddit | DrLexAlhazred

Yes, the hills have eyes. That's the whole joke. It's also literally what appears to be going on with this spooky-looking ridge.

Chromed out.

Reddit | Jeeptesla

I don't like wasps any more than the next guy but at least this blinged-out, chromed-out blue wasp is interesting to look at.

Old versus new.

Reddit | jemaadler

These drinking fountains in the University of Chicago's Bartlett Dining Commons show just how much drinking fountain technology has changed in a hundred years.

Big chonker.

Reddit | DaniChickenNug

There are blueberries and then there's this. I wonder if it's as tart and delicious as its much smaller cousins.

Pretty shocking.

Reddit | MrStoccato

This Highland New Guinean is seen as he laid eyes on white people for the first time in his life. His tribe didn't know there was an outside world until this moment.

Power on.

Reddit | cookieraid

Cream cheese doesn't need to be switched on or off because it's cream cheese. Still, this tub made an on/off power icon on the underside of its lid.


Reddit | Dislexicgod

These miners in Artigas, Uruguay found something rather unexpected: big honking amethyst geodes, shaped like a perfect heart.

Perfect pattern.

Reddit | lifeasart

These dead leaves have fallen through the grate below in a way that's sort of satisfying. I mean, they'll probably rot there all winter but it looks cool in the fall.

Ready to burst.

This is just a field of cabbages. That's it: regular old cabbage. It's totally not a massive spawning ground for facehugger aliens or anything like that.

Room for more.

Reddit | mdj1212

Do all cans of Spaghetti-O's look like they've just been through a centrifuge, or is it only this one? Also, are they all suspiciously empty?

Orangutan see, orangutan do.

Reddit | ThoughtWig

It was once thought that non-human primates didn't know how to use tools. This pic of an orangutan using a spear to catch fish would certainly suggest otherwise.

High five!

Reddit | charlesiwuc

Well, it's actually a high four because this tiny frog only has four digits on each hand. Still, this is something that doesn't exactly happen every day.

A whale of a find.

Reddit | NukaDadd

Putting aside the sadness of seeing a beached sperm whale, check out its mouth. It isn't missing teeth.

Sperm whales only have lower teeth, and have an upper jaw designed to accommodate them.

Hobbit house.

Reddit | maliline

This house, which looks like a cross between a hobbit house and a Teletubbies house, is a cool find for sure.

Dignified snack aisle.

Reddit | NubiSparse

In a place like Venice, Italy, where everything is historic, you might come across something like this: a random grocery store that used to be an ornate theater.


The sunlight coming through the curtains looks like an exclamation mark. I think this is what appears over a Metal Gear Solid enemy's head when they spot you.

Might as well jump.

Reddit | yoter2010

This house has some random cracks on the side that have somehow come together to form a perfect Van Halen logo.

How'd that get in there?

Reddit | egoborderline

This square of toilet paper contains, uh, a rubber band. This certainly constitutes a mystery, as I can't fathom how this might happen.

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