Pat Sajak Plans To Become 'People's Sexiest Man Alive

Every year, the battle for the Sexiest Man Alive title gets fiercer and fiercer. Of course, we don't really have Hollywood's hottest hunks donning gladiator gear and going at it in an arena for our amusement (no matter how many times I've emailed Brad Pitt and George Clooney about it, they never answer!) but we do have them campaigning by flaunting their sexiness all over social media.

There's an unlikely contender coming up in the future.

The people don't always agree with who wins Sexiest Man Alive.

The prestigious award, doled out every year by People magazine, has ranged from being given to someone everyone agrees with (Brad Pitt) to someone more... hotly contested (Blake Shelton in 2017, John Legend in 2019).

This year it was a pretty tight race, and we all had our theories.

I, of course, think the title should've gone to Jason Momoa.

Can you blame me? What a hunk! It almost seems criminal that he hasn't won the title, although when I call my local police department to report it, they keep hanging up on me.

Other popular contenders this year include any and all of the famous Chrises (Evans, Hemsworth, Pine), Henry Cavill, and Charlie Hunnam.

The title ended up going to Michael B. Jordan.

Honestly, I can't fault them for this pick. Michael pretty much radiates sexiness. I mean, just look at him! And when you're done that, look at him again.

But there's one celebrity who's decided he's going to start campaigning to receive the title in the future, and he's got a plan to make it happen.

That man is *Wheel Of Fortune* host Pat Sajak himself.

During a recent episode of Wheel Of Fortune, Pat turned to Vanna and made a pretty powerful declaration.

"This may surprise you but think about it, it’s true. For as many years as I’ve done this, I’ve never been named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive," Pat said.

"First of all, I think it’s the 'alive' part that’s holding me back," he joked.

"But the other thing is, I have a plan," Pat went on. "I’m going to take care of myself as I get older. If I do the show long enough, I think eventually they’ll say, ‘You know, maybe, he’s the sexiest man alive for his age.'"

What a genius plan!

Pat is 74 years old, which means his competition in his age bracket is pretty slim! I'd definitely say Pat is one of the most sexy 74 year olds I know. Wouldn't you?

Plus he's got a really solid grip on spelling, which is more than I can say for some of my ex-boyfriends.

What do you think?

Do you think Pat's plan to make it on the list might just have legs? Or do you think Pat should have already made the list by now (I'd buy a vowel from him any day!)? Let us know how you feel in our comments section below!