11-Year-Old Opens A Thrift Store That Helps Low-Income Families

You know the phrase, "The children are the future"? Well, this kid truly is.

Welcome to Obocho's Closet, located in Brooklyn, New York. What started as an endeavor to get himself some Avengers toys has turned into a community-wide support network that shows no signs of slowing down.

Meet Obocho!

This entrepreneurial little man started up his shop when he realized his mom didn't have enough money to buy him some Avengers toys he wanted.

He turned that realization into a business dedicated to helping others!

He decided to start selling his unused clothes and toys to buy his own things.

He wanted to take the burden from his mom and make his own money!

On April 27th, 2018, he opened Obocho's Closet. The goal was to help other families!

The business grew and grew.

For his 11th birthday, Obocho opened their first brick-and-mortar store in Brooklyn!

The store found so much success that his mom was able to quit her job and dedicate all of her time to Obocho's business.

Obocho quickly realized he could give back even more.

He told Bored Panda, "To support my community, I told my mom that I wanted to create a give-back that the community needs."

This kid is an angel, you guys.

The money goes to all sorts of programs!

"So, a portion of the money from the thrift store goes towards free financial literacy seminars and workshops to teach families about credit development, budgeting and other creative ways to save money for those college funds or become an entrepreneur like me."

The majority of the store is all under $10.

He wanted to keep everything affordable for families like his. His business is for-profit, which allows him to support his family and expand his business, while keeping costs low for low-income families.

He has a GoFundMe to keep his store running here.

He offers clothes for kids of all ages.

He stocks clothes and toys for everyone, from newborns all the way to age 12. His sizes range from 0-20, as well, to make sure everyone is included!

He recently launched a site to allow for remote shopping.

Obocho, like many business owners, had to adjust to the severe limitations placed on all of us by COVID-19. So, he decided to launch his own website, in addition to selling on Instagram!

He recently launched a campaign to help his community during the pandemic, too.

This kid is just so amazing. He launched a community food pantry to help out those who are suffering during the pandemic, which you can donate to here!

Follow Obocho on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with his journey!

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