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Woman Tells The Story Of How She Got Dumped The Day After Her Wedding

Many people across the world have found their favorite new past-time in telling stories from their life on TikTok. Some of them are heartbreaking, some of them are unbelievably uplifting, and some of them are just plain shocking.

So, please find a few of my recent favorites below!

The cautionary tale of always making sure you press the right buttons on FaceTime.

One very unfortunate tale told by Samantha, started with her explaining how she had been on FaceTime with a guy who she had been chatting with, only to realize that she needed to use the bathroom somewhat urgently.

So, she told him that she needed to brush her teeth, and muted the call...

...or so she thought she did. As she was on the toilet, she heard a voice on her phone express disbelief at her "gas," which confused her as she knew she had pressed mute.

However, after washing her hands, she realized that she hadn't pressed the button properly.

Due to the crippling embarrassment, she has yet to make contact with him again.

I mean, I don't think that I would be able to look that guy in the eyes again after listening to me...well, you know.

Although, there is the chance that a relationship blossoming from such...manure, could be even stronger, right?

How these two people ended up accidentally walking the red carpet at the Tony Awards.

One lucky person shared a story of the time that they had purchased tickets as part of the general audience for the Tony Awards. They dressed for the occasion and headed for the entrance, but got a little lost.

So, seeing they were lost, one police officer offered to escort them to the entrance through the crowds.

However, the officer took them to the red carpet by mistake. And, by the time they realized, the officer had left and they were stuck on the red carpet with the friends and family of the stars!

Eventually, they were shepherded along the red carpet to the entrance!

This person went on to say that they look a little stressed on the photos from the evening as they were worried that they were going to get thrown out for being in the wrong area.

Eventually, they were herded along to the entrance where the man at the entrance asked for their ticket, then told them that they weren't supposed to be there — to which our unwitting re-carpeters could simply reply, "We know."

Terror at 400 feet!

This one was hard to hear. One adrenaline junkie was preparing to parachute from the bottom of a net 400 feet in the air — because that's what people do apparently — when something went horrifically wrong.

The man got his finger stuck in the rope.

His friends were not able to free the finger from the tangled net.

The man's friends struggled to free his thumb from the netting, and the man could not pull himself back up due to the elastic nature of the rope.

Furthermore, they realized that if he were to let go, then the weight could tear his thumb off, which could make it impossible to activate his parachute.

Thankfully, with the aid of some other friends, he was able to get free and activate his parachute.

Everything fortunately turned out alright in the end. Although, all I can think is, you wouldn't face that kind of peril sat at home watching Netflix!

The story of the person who got caught in a flood...

For some people, getting a flu jab can be quite a daunting prospect, as...well, needles and that!

However, one person experienced their worst flu jab when they got unwittingly stuck in the middle of a flood on their way to the hospital.

The water became so deep that they had to take refuge on a bench.

They not only were forced to take refuge on a bench, but they also managed to slip off the bench on their way onto it, hence why their entire clothes appear drenched.

After finally deciding to continue with the journey, as they were over halfway, they briefly tried to board a little boat which was tied up, but it proved too difficult to manoeuvre.

Eventually, they did make it to get the flu jab.

However, they did become concerned that they may have developed hypothermia by the time they got back home.

I guess only time will tell as to whether the journey was worth it or not!

The tale of the woman whose husband dumped her the day after the wedding because his mother told him to.

This one was a real rollercoaster, and it started with Jillian saying that the day after her wedding, her husband broke up with her because, "24 hours after, [his mother] held an intervention for [my] husband, because she said it was unfair how much attention he was giving to [me] and that he should be giving it to her instead."

And, once their husband left them, he kicked her out of their apartment so that he and his sister could sleep in the same bed.

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Yep! Once Jillian was forced out of their apartment, her husband's sister moved in, but they slept in the same bed which...well, I'll let you muddle through that image yourself.

And, when she thought it couldn't get a any stranger, it did...

Finally, she explained that he was leaving to South Africa, to join the circus!

She explained, "he [said that he] wanted a divorce, but that he was going to be moving to the circus in South Africa for three years, so that you had to be stuck married to him for the next three years of your life."

Furthermore, he then started setting up fake Instagram accounts to abuse her after she had blocked him.

Now, I don't know about you, but that blows any and all of my breakups out of the water!