19 Tricky Pics That Definitely Need A Second Look

So, I'm scrolling through Reddit, just letting the internet wash over me, when BAM, I stop scrolling. Did I just see what I think I saw? Slowly, I scroll back up to see that yes, I did, in fact, see something weird.

Sound familiar?

Wow! She's seriously strong...wait...

Imgur | Imgur

You've got to admit, the illusion is a good one. What caught my eye while scrolling is the man's rib cage on her left side. It made me question her shirt, which made me look a bit closer.

This one went viral when people tried to figure out what was going on with this doggo's face.

Imgur | dizzyturtle

It does look pretty smooshed at first glance, but then you realize that the pupper has his head sideways. There's nothing wrong with him. He's just an adorable derp.

What do you mean there's more to this pic than a black bath mat? 

Imgur | skakidsareswell

Maybe the caption, "Couldn't find Merlin this morning," will help you know what you're looking for.

Merlin the doggo is such a good ninja that you may need to turn up your screen brightness to see him.

Just another boring day in class, right?

Imgur | Imgur

I want to know the story behind this. Was the guy bored? Does he do this every day? Where's the teacher? Is he the teacher?

Everyone seems to be getting a kick out of it, so maybe it's just a normal occurrence.

Even an emo Sith Lord appreciates the quality and prices at Target. 

Imgur | Imgur

Do you think Kylo Ren calls it Target, or is he a "Tar-jay" kind of guy?

"Tar-jay" certainly sounds like it could be a name out of the Star Wars universe.

When the person in charge of the church slideshow is just too pure.

Imgur | butterda

They clearly just googled for random eye chart pics and picked this one.

Important question: Would you let them know of the mistake?

What came first, the sticker or the shirt?

Imgur | Imgur

I mean, I know that if the person sitting in front of me during class wore that t-shirt often I would probably do something like this just for the photo opportunity.

Well played, restaurant owners. 

Reddit | Colorless_Parrot

I'd definitely give this establishment a try just because of the sign. If their food is half as good as their pun, it'll be worth it.

9. That's only slightly unnerving. 

Instagram | @memelif3

But I guess the advertisement is doing its job if you look at it for five whole minutes. Next time someone needs a lawyer, the creepy staring guy will be right there in their memory.

11. Just never try to take this bag through security. 

Reddit | sibelince

Or do, and record the whole thing for the enjoyment of the internet. If it's entertaining enough, we may be willing to donate to your release fund.

Funny, but it wasn't the hands that caused my double take.

Reddit | Trimountaine

It wasn't until I scrolled down and saw the legs that my brain realized something was wrong with the proportions of that baby.

Be honest: Did you realize that was her elbow right away?

Imgur | Pennywise2electricboogaloo

Why did she pose like that, anyway? It's unnatural and not flattering, even if her elbow wasn't so awkwardly placed.

Wait a tick...what's up with this girl's hair?

Reddit | Local-Lynx

Timing is what's up. Just as this photo was taken, a dude was walking behind her. The darkness of his skin and hair perfectly matches her wet locks.

You would think green camo wouldn't work in a shopping mall...

Imgur | zenoshogun

But you would be wrong. How many soldiers do you see in this photo?

I'll admit, it took me a while to realize there were two.

"Yea I just combined vertical and horizontal stripes" posted this Twitter user.

Twitter | @milanoysl

Little did she realize that it wasn't her clashing stripes that would totally blow people's minds. At first glance, she appears to have super skinny legs.

17. This guy's choice of facial hair is questionable... 

Instagram | @moillusion

Wait a minute! It's a doggo! Silly doggo! I want a pic of the doggo itself, just to d'aww over and imagine snuggling.

All doggos are good doggos, even when they are bamboozling us and pretending to be beards.

18. It looks like this lady is giving a speech from a magic carpet.

Instagram | @zimmmaaa

The perfectly placed shadow of a nearby flag creates the cool illusion. No genie or three wishes required.

This car engine seems to have an extra hose...

Imgur | biddles

Whether you prefer the term "nope rope" or "danger noodle," I think we can all agree that we really wouldn't want to find this in our own vehicle.

This woman has something wrong with her neck... Oh...

Reddit | @zimmmaaa

I definitely would have done a double-take if I'd noticed her staring over my shoulder, and a second one when I realized it was just the magazine.

21. This image isn't just a pile of logs — there's a napping kitty.

Instagram | @moillusion

The cute little fuzzball perfectly matches the color of the logs it's sleeping on. Perfect camouflage for a disturbance-free nap.

Here's another guy who just couldn't help photobombing a group photo.

Reddit | Ferbach

I mean, can you blame him? It's hilarious.

I'm embarrassed about how long it took me to find him the first time.

All you want is to take a sexy selfie, but your dog's a derp.

Imgur | Pennywise2electricboogaloo

I'm very glad that I have dogs that are too small to drink out of the toilet. If they ever got at the bowl, I'd be more worried about them drowning.

We need this guy to look like he's working, so let's give him a computer...

Reddit | BretOne

No one will notice that the laptop is the wrong way around, right? Right?

So dumb.

Take a moment to count the number of hands this dad has.

Reddit | Hollywood182

You would think Target has the budget to make sure this sort of mistake doesn't happen. It's an easy fix!