9+ People Having A Straight-Up Bad Day

Are you having a bad day? Don't worry, because I promise you the people on this list had worse ones.

Cheer yourself up with absent-minded mishaps, straight-up buffoonery, and even a bit of tomfoolery. You deserve it.

This Halloween mishap is what nightmares are made of.

"I'm the only person in my entire office of 30 people who dressed up today and I'm in a full body banana suit."

To be fair, they're totally killing that eye look. It's so fire.

The caption on this one broke my heart.

"Just finished painting the cabinets white yesterday."

I'm speechless. At least they probably have more paint on hand, right? Everything will be okay. Or they'll just have murder cabinets for life. Either way.

I'm 100% sure this is why they invented bluetooth tracker keychains.

"Took a hike around the big field in the background, lost my keys and I'm supposed to pick up my boss in an hour. Spare key in home, but guess three times wheres the house key. Perfect start for the week."


A picture really is worth a thousand words, but I'll throw in a few of my own, anyway: one delicious meal + one broken pepper grinder = food for the garbage can monster.

Well, they say lightning only strikes once...

This guy's community mailbox met a blackened end when it was struck by lightning. Um...yeah, there's no salvaging this one. I hope everyone got their packages out, but I know in my heart that they didn't.

Is that thing even usable anymore?

"Spent 10 minutes looking for the drip tray for the Forman grill, after I turned it on."

I'm pretty sure that thing is quite literally toast now. RIP, grill I haven't seen anyone use in years.

The banana plot thickens.

Remember banana girl? She has a counterpart.

"I too, was the only person dressed up today for work. Also in a full-body banana costume."

I love the internet so much, you guys.

The despair I feel at looking at this picture is monumental.

There was a rogue staple on the bench they put their laptop on. Guys, Macs are too expensive to even dream of fixing. It's going to be like this for life now.

Time for a case, I guess.

Home ownership seems like a nightmare.

"Spending $6,000 because some idiot who built this house cheaped out and used PVC for part of the water main. Have to get a whole new water main installed, also facing a $1,000+ water bill due to wasted water."

This is why wired headphones suck.

This person accidentally pulled on their headphone wire, and now they have a thousand-dollar problem. I know wired headphones have their place, but god they are not for me. Or this person, apparently.

Honestly, I would simply stay home.

"Road between Kununurra and Broome is closed due to flooding, below is the closest detour on paved roads."

That is Mother Nature's way of telling you to stay in bed.

When you see it...

This person lost their wallet. They went ahead and ordered new cards, and then... they stood up from their chair.

Peep the bottom-most arm for actual tragedy.

This one might be on them, tbh.

"Bought a house in July and they graciously left me a mini-fridge in the basement, after moving all my beer and alcohol downstairs I discovered it was in fact a freezer."

Okay, but how do you not notice that it's a freezer? This one is self-inflicted.

This one broke me inside.

"I spilled 50,000 2mm glass beads on the ground and I now have to sort them by hand."

I would cry. I would give up. I would cry, give up, and then maybe kick the bowl back over for good measure.

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