23 Life Hacks To Make Your Day Go As Smooth As Butter

Do you ever get annoyed with the most simple inconveniences? Life is busy, especially if you're left completely exhausted because of your children. I'm here to enlighten you all on some ways to facilitate your day. You may be skeptical that these life hacks will actually help you at all, but trust me, please.

Here are 23 hacks to make your day go as smooth as butter.

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1. This diagram shows how you test a raw egg for freshness.

Reddit | blacky80

I've always wondered, to be honest.

2. Cover up painful trampoline springs with pool noodles.

Reddit | Asho777

They're prettier, too.

3. Securing a power bar to the backside of a dresser (or any tall piece of furniture for that matter) makes plugging in items with short cords a breeze.

Reddit | RealJonOC

4. I know, these are amazing!


Let's keep going...

5. Put a magnetic parts tray on the front of your refrigerator so you'll never lose those random kitchen tools again.

Reddit | GamecubeAdopter

6. To keep your apple slices from turning brown, add a bit of lemon juice to the bag.

Reddit | carbearnara

7. Want hard taco shells but only have soft ones in your pantry? No problem!

Reddit | Reddit

8. Stove grates make amazing cooling racks, by the way.

Reddit | josuenmercado

9. How to cook two pizzas at once.

9gag | 9gag

This hack may cause an extra 15 pounds to pile on...

10. If you're putting together furniture, use a pan with sections to organize small parts.

Reddit | SassLipsKris

11. Well, if you don't have a sectioned pan, you can always use an empty egg carton instead!

Reddit | AuDBallBag

12. Don't you hate when your keyboard gets all wobbly? Use binder clips to fix broken keyboards.

Reddit | rocky190

13. Some people claim that you can restore the luster of chrome fixtures by rubbing wet aluminum foil on them. 

Reddit | kimz_nuts

14. When that lip balm needs to be warmed up. 

Reddit | ZMoney187

15. Enjoy television on the bottom bunk with this genius clothes hanger hack.

Imgur | byronshell

16. Use those nifty removable hooks to secure that pesky trash bag. 

Reddit | bobret

17. If you find yourself in need of a lightbox in a pinch, flip a clear tote upside down and use the flashlight on your phone to create one!

Reddit | eddiethellama

18. Get every last drop of toothpaste out of the tube with this simple binder clip hack.

Reddit | siketeach

19. "Stuff a teabag in the cup compartment of your Keurig. I expected it to make a mess; instead, perfectly-steeped tea in 10 seconds!"

Reddit | robertgfthomas

20. If you find yourself wasting perfectly good leftovers on a regular basis, give this idea a try.

Reddit | HellaFella420

21. To quickly and easily find the relevant notebook, put your course number on the top.

Reddit | Jacobr196

22. For the perfect breakfast sandwich egg, put a few drops of water in a coffee mug with a whole egg and microwave for one minute!

Reddit | stygarfield

23. You can use your phone camera to test whether your infrared remotes work properly.

Reddit | Hoppse88

This will be most helpful if your issue relates to the receiver not being able to pick up the signal.

24. Finally, if you find yourself struggling with a stubborn jar, use duct tape to win the battle!

Reddit | IONIZEDatom