15+ People Who Obviously Knew Something We Didn't

A beautiful fact about life is how every single person grows up differently. Thanks to those differences, we all see the world in a different way, through a wide variety of perspectives. Others come up with solutions we never would've thought of, etcetera.

You can see what I mean in this list of 15+ people who obviously knew something we didn't.

"My town’s library is under construction, so they’re using an old grocery store as the temporary library."

This is better for the books, really. Storing them in cool spaces with the occasional mist spray helps keep them fresh.

"A friend of mine told me to take these and now I’m on a whole new level."

It's important to have a balanced diet, supplements included.

"I have a small bald spot from sitting on the toilet too much."

Is this the replacement to shaving we've all been waiting for? Just lean on an area you want free of hair long enough and it'll just go away?

"A Lego I built when I was a kid, based off a catalog picture vs. the actual Lego set I bought 15 years later."

For only having random lego pieces and going off what had to be a small picture, that's pretty great! Impressionism lives on!

"The recycle bins in front of the 500 year old Swedish castle have been painted to blend in with the background."

No reason was given and seeing as they didn't do the large green bin next to them, I'm going to assume it was just for fun.

"Don't have a leafblower? [Just] bolt a fan to a weed whacker."

Not to mention leafblowers are super clunky, this is way lighter! There's not a single thing wrong with this nor could it end in catastrophic injury.

"Redneck Amphibious Vehicle."

No one said it had to be pretty. If it drives on land and water, it works, no matter the look.

"[Windshield] wiper."

This wouldn't just wipe the water away, it'd clean your window at the same time! Brilliant!

"A perfectly peeled egg."

I no longer care if you peel an orange in one piece. Eggs are where it's at.

"I want you to meet Emil. Nothing wrong with him. That's just the way he looks."

If there's someone who captures the spirit of this year perfectly, it's Emil.

"My Uber Eats order had my name written super fancily."

Whoever wrote that is having their talents wasted working in food delivery.

"Bought a pet gate to keep my cat away from the Christmas tree."

That pose is incredibly sassy. She will not be restricted and she needed you to know that.

"My Wife and I still have our Blockbuster Membership Cards."

It's like you two are anticipating some kind of comback. Have you heard some news? Care to share it with the rest of us?

"I noticed my shower looks like its screaming in horror."

Well yeah, you keep putting soap in its mouth. I'd be pretty upset too.

"Doritos in India come with free mobile data."

For the price of five bags of Doritos, I could get more data than I do with my Canadian monthly phone plan. I feel cheated.

"IQ 350."

You gain a few more blind spots but it does the job!

"A cause I can support."

Someone has to do the work to take down the bird crime ring in the area. If this man is willing, godspeed.

"This book disinfecting station at our local library that we had thought was overkill before the days of the pandemic."

I never really thought about how many germs are on library books until now. It's a little frightening.

"My neighbors’ little village."

Don't be dismissive, whoever lives in those houses are also your neighbors.

"The way the soap is held in place. You simply push a little magnet into the soap itself."

And when you use the bar up, you get the magnet back, like a little present.