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Forget Gardening— Aunty Says 'Birding' Is The Hot New At-Home Trend

Hello lovies, instead of bushwhacking, try some firequacking!

By that I mean bird watching. Ditch the gardening! I couldn’t resist a bird pun. Quack. Get it? Maybe I’m cracked but hey you gotta laugh these days!

Freakin’ Hell, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster so far hasn’t it? Lord knows what is yet to come. However, one thing that I have always loved and always has a way of calming me down when I get stressed, be it at Walt or the general world, is wildlife — in particular, birds.

Now checkout my...firequacker gorgeous feathered friends.

Now, I’m no Ornithologist (and yes I looked that word up to sound super smart)...

Aunty Acid

... In fact, I’ve often considered myself more of a moanithologist, but there is just something about seeing birds swooping freely around that is just incredibly relaxing.

And, while most of us can’t go outside to go birdwatching, depending on where you’re living, I thought I’d go through a handful of my favorite birds for you to enjoy…but mainly because it’s an excuse to do something I love as well!

The Curly Frillback Pigeon!

Instagram | @dannyxkuiper

I was only introduced to these permed-up prima donnas this year, and I instantly fell in love with them! Even though their feathers are curled and crinkled, they can still fly as well. They put my curly hair to shame!

Secretary Birds And Their Envious Lashes

Secretary Birds (Sagittarius serpentarius — ooh, check me out knowing Latin and all that jazz!) are like someone asked a child to draw a chicken that had far too much self-confidence, and I am absolutely here for it.

The Azure Tit

Some birds, like the bizarrely wonderful Secretary Birds and Curly Pigeons, are beautiful due to their strangeness, but some like the Azure Tit are just plain stunning. Also, as someone with the mind of a child, I love to think of how much the word “tit” has plagued high-school biology teachers over the years!

The Purple Glossy Starling

I mean, how could I not put this one in? It’s glossy, it’s purple, and it appears to be yelling on that leftmost image…it’s just me! In all of my fabulous glory!

The Tufted Titmouse

Image: Reddit | cmbaldwin & [Reddit

These adorable little guys never fail to bring a smile to my face. They’re cute yet resilient fliers, and for some reason, I always think that they look quietly miffed about something. I really relate to these birds as well!

A Bearded Reeling (No, This Isn’t An Egg That I Painted)

These painfully adorable little birds typically fly low around muddy areas, according to Whatever they’re up to though, you can be damn sure they look cute while doing it! Coo coo cachoo little guy, coo coo cachoo!

The Pink Robbin

I had no idea that such a thing existed, and yet they do! These pink little tennis balls of joy and wonder are native to Australia, which kind of balances out the fact that all of the insects there seem like they want to kill you. All I can say about this one is…I want one.

The Horned Sungem

And you thought that it would only be the Secretary Bird that had fabulous facial hair with their spectacular eyelashes! However, the Horned Sungem’s multicolored eyebrows are something to behold themselves!

I hope that this little handful of some of my favorite birds brought you as much serenity as it did me…or maybe it just made you want to dye your eyebrows different colors, in which case, go for it! Also, here is one little something to put a smile on your face…

Aunty Acid

Let me know which of these little critters was your favorite, mine has to be either the Purple Glossy Starling or the Pink Robbin. I like their style!

Love, Aunty Acid X.