30 Obvious Photoshop Fails That Were Somehow Missed

It's no secret that many magazines photoshop their images. I mean, even people online are doing the same thing. It seems like everyone is doing a little edit here and there to make sure that their photos look perfect.

Some photoshop jobs are barely noticeable, but others can look a little weird. When I say weird, I mean that some of these photoshop fails do not look human.

1. These cringey hair extensions.

Photoshop Failed | Photoshop Failed

Photoshop is cheaper than extensions, but, girl, at least get that reflection right.

Mirrors reveal everything when it comes to photoshop — this is such a rookie mistake.

2. Zendaya 

Instagram | @zendaya

Zendaya spoke out about how disappointed she was about this photoshop job on her Instagram. Seriously, where did her hips go?

It's good to know that there are some real celebs out there who are fighting back against these fake images. But that doesn't make these images any less comical.

3. Literal washboard abs.

Instagram | @photoshoplevel

Along with photoshopping that 10-pack, he also did some serious damage to that background... and his shades. This is a photoshop faux-pas on so many levels. It's photoshop inception.

4. The case of the disappearing limb.

Jezebel | Jezebel

The Victoria's Secret workout just got a lot easier: lose 10 pounds quick by chopping off your left arm!

Seriously, who hired this guy and how did this ad make it out into the world?

5. Pretty sure he lifts.

Imgur | Imgur

If you've ever wanted to have arms the size of a professional arm wrestling champ, all you apparently need to do is get a summer job lifting jugs. Picking up that container is no problem for this muscular man.

6. Leave Beyoncé's thicc-ness alone, thanks.

Beyonce | Beyonce

I'm pretty sure the name Beyoncé literally translates to perfection. So someone please explain to me why anyone would take it upon themselves to edit her thighs?

7. I thought we said "no treble"? 

Instagram | @meghan_trainor

Meghan Trainor's skirt is a dead giveaway of this photoshop fail.

This is ridiculous. She's all about that bass, so how could anyone photoshop those thighs away?

8. Victoria's Secret is at it again. 

Digital Rev | Digital Rev

What is happening with those traps? We all know she works out, but this is some Schwarzenegger-level hack job. Candice Swanepoel and her arms seriously deserve better.

9. Fanta, brought to you by baby arms.

Pinterest | Pinterest

I really hope that the company responsible for this advertisement didn't pay too much money to get this done. In fact, I hope the person responsible for this had to issue a public apology to all those involved.

10. Victoria's "Secret" must be that they're really, really bad at reviewing their ads.

Orzzzz | Orzzzz

This shot of the gorgeous Adriana Lima goes so, so wrong once you notice that they literally shaved off her best feature: her hips.

This is a tragedy.

11. Gigi Hadid's Guess ad gone wrong.

Fakt | Fakt

To say that Gigi is a little flat footed would be a huge understatement in this photo. Can someone explain why the person who edited this thought super long mutant feet would be a cute look?

12. Superman ain't got nothing on this dude! 

Twitter | @IndiaFinger

When your profile picture has trouble getting through a door, you should probably just stop. I can't imagine how someone in real life would actually deal with the difficulties that must be associated with being this big.

13. This two-toned tank.

Fun Cage | Fun Cage

Bruh, your face doesn't even match your body. It was a very nice attempt. It looks like a lot of time and effort went into getting this to match up just perfectly. But apparently the color tools were just slightly more difficult to master.

14. When they photoshopped (almost all of) him out. 

Reddit | royal-bhati

We have that one great shot that we'd love to use as a profile picture. I mean, if it's a cute photo of you, why not photoshop him out?

15. There is something that is not right with her leg. 

My Proana | My Proana

Sometimes angles can play tricks on the eyes. Sometimes the camera lens actually distorts the photo in one way or another. And sometimes, the person you hired to doctor the pictures just isn't very good at their job.

16. I had no idea that Selena had a new boyfriend. 

Meme Center | Meme Center

Truly, I always pictured her with someone taller, maybe a little more muscular, perhaps famous. But when your heart knows what it wants, who can really argue with that? Congrats to the both of you!

17. Wait a second, Kim's got a new man too?

Dr Heckle | Dr Heckle

This is breaking news, guys. Kim's a cougar, and she's totally killing it in that swimsuit.

The whole thing makes me wonder if his mom was in the room next door while he photoshopped this masterpiece.

18. Confidence is half the battle.

Pinterest | Pinterest

The miraculous part about this pic is that the dude hasn't even broken a sweat. I mean, he's not even stressing about this. I've seen monsters in the gym that are three times as big as this guy who struggle with less weight.

19. Seriously, Target? Thigh gaps are so out of style.

Work That Matters | Work That Matters

You'd think by now people would realize that hardly anyone can acquire this mythical "thigh gap." Instead of pushing impossible beauty standards, stick to selling sorta-cute swimwear, Target.

20. Black Milk, really, you too?

Pinterest | ERIC KARR

These thigh gaps DO lie, and it's actually really bad for female body image, so can we maybe not from now on?

I really like your stuff, so I'll let it slide this time.

21. This guy is pretty shameless about flaunting his wealth.

Buzzorama | Buzzorama

When you've got it all, there's really no shame in bragging about it. I can already imagine all of the friends this guy will make with his hot new profile pic.

(For the record, that was all sarcasm.)

22. This guy got the bike AND the girl.

Majakia | Majakia

If you weren't impressed by Mr. 21, then this guy has everything he's ever needed in life and more. It's really quite impressive that her disproportioned body hasn't tipped that bike over.

23. I get that Victoria's Secret models are supposed to be all legs, but are they all arms too?

Instagram | @victoriassecret

There is no possible way that her elbow would be able to be hanging all the way out there unless she's Elastigirl. Wait a minute, maybe she is?!

24. If you can't tell what's photoshopped here, well...

Webalia | Webalia

Obviously it's not their undying love for each other. You really can't fake this kind of romance.

But actually though, did she not think for a second that maybe less was more? Even the bear looks concerned about her back pain.

25. I know usually we're used to seeing Victoria's Secret models with thin legs and photoshopped abs. 

Twitter | @VictoriasSecret

This approach is new, different, and somewhat like a scene I remember in Alien.

26. Put your hands up, everywhere?

Super Sticky Labels | Super Sticky Labels

I'm pretty confused by what is happening here. It's a mess, and there are hands literally all over the place. And extra fingers?

I don't really know who put this mess together, but they probably need to reconsider their career choice.

27. Uhhh, I feel like a very important body part is missing here.

Utter | Utter

I get that pugs would be a lot cuter without, well, you know, but I can't help but think a huge reason why he looks so concerned is because he's been constipated his entire life.

28. Belly buttons are overrated anyway.

Wacky Mania | Wacky Mania

It looks like we have our first test tube–incubated model. I mean, that's pretty much the only way I can imagine you'd ever be born without a belly button. It's totally possible, Kyle XY did it, remember?

29. The case of the floating pudding.

Pinterest | Nora Ristic

I don't know what's stressing me out more, the fact that she's not holding that pudding or the fact that they had to be super extra and call it a "chocolate dairy dessert."

30. Sir, is your arm down or around her shoulder?

Reddit | Hollywood182

If I could have one more arm, I would be super happy. Think about all the extra stuff you would get done in a day. You could eat, drink, and use the remote all at the same time. Life's problems solved!