16+ Crazy Ideas That Show People Are Always Thinking

Where would we, as a society, be without the minds of the worlds' greatest inventors? Back in the stone age, probably, but that's not my point.

My point is that we need innovators to keep us moving forward, the innovators on this list included, giving us fascinating ideas that show people are always thinking.

"My dad’s new fire pit is a 60 inch excavating bucket."

This will contain fire and direct heat excellently, not to mention it's a super unique piece! It did cost the builder over $3000, but I think it's worth it.

"A guy mailed something to our store and used actual peanuts instead of packing peanuts."

It does the job just as well, and it's probably way better for the environment too!

"This 3 person chess board my Teacher brought in."

To this day, after many attempts, I still don't understand chess. This broke my brain just looking at it.

"Found a random ass painting in the middle of the woods."

What, are deer, foxes, and other woodland creatures not allowed to decorate their homes?

"New house has a drawer that goes around the sink."

For how many bathroom items are long and skinny, it's shocking that no one thought of this sooner.

"These needle-nose pliers are double jointed so they can open through narrow gaps."

This just reminds me of a claw machine, but there are probably higher stakes when these are used.

"This elk antler arch that gets replaced every 30 to 40 years."

This is creepy looking but in a very cool way. I'd totally see this in a horror movie, but it'd be a good horror movie.

"Swing made without the use of nails, screws, bolts, adhesives, or fasteners."

The swing is kept together solely by a series of knots, but to me this feat of engineering is pure magic.

"Shaving barcodes."

I've seen an uptick in barcode art on packaging lately, and I'd love for it to continue. It's so cute, it makes my day.

"I really appreciate how these parts for my TV mount are organized."

Years of plastic baggies and lost parts, gone! This is the future. It better be, anyway.

"This farm boy ain’t paying no $19 for a phone holder."

I'm a city boy and I did pay $19 for a phone holder. I need both my cup holders free for the two lattes I have on me at all times.

"This grocery store let's you fresh cut the herbs you need."

Not only is this a smart way to ensure fresh herbs, but it would make me feel like the fanciest person in the store!

Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle Water!

The construction is a little crude, but the premise is incredibly smart. And you have visible validation that you're conserving water.

"This kinetic sidewalk generates electricity when you walk on it."

Wait, this is a thing? This exists and it isn't all over the planet by now? How?

"'Fixed' the coffee maker with the broken arm of a chair."

It's a little chunky, but it gets the job done! A handle is a handle is a handle.

"This warning graphic on my dad's auger."

Sometimes a more accurate visual representation of the risks at hand helps scare people into behaving.

"Pistachio nut shell eyeglass repair. RTV sealant used as adhesive."

I'm not sure if this is any more convenient, sure does work!

"This message to trick passengers on board to wash their property."

It only takes people 20 seconds to visit a parallel universe in their sleep? If I'm going there, I'm spending a few hours at least, and I can't wash my hands that long.

"When your kitchen vent is broken. Is there anything zip ties can’t fix?"

I've never encountered a situation where zip ties didn't at least help, so no, I don't think there's anything they can't fix.

"My mall has a CVS vending machine."

Thank goodness for this. If I go into a drug store just needing soap, I'm definitely leaving with at least four other things I didn't plan on buying. This would fix that.

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