16+ Unusual Sights That People Never Expected To See That Day

We truly never know what we'll stumble across in our travels. And while it's hardly impossible to find something unusual on your normal route, your chances of making a weird discovery get a lot higher the further afield you go.

And since exploring fairly remote areas is a pretty good way of avoiding other people at a time when it's the most prudent to do that, it's perhaps not surprising that we never seem to run out of photos people have taken after finding something nobody else knows about.

Thanks to their efforts, we can share in the strange sights they've witnessed without having to do all their walking.

While one person was walking through the woods, they suddenely came across someone's painting hanging from a tree.

Stranger still, they said it was about 20 feet above the ground and that they never would have found it if they didn't happen to look up.

This means that somebody clearly went to a lot of trouble to put it up there but why?

But as odd as it can be to find a painting in the woods, this person had an even stranger experience.

That's because they discovered that this poster showing what seems to be a cultural celebration was resting inside their wall all along.

If they hadn't decided to renovate, it may never have been discovered.

In this photo, the uploader happened to get a glimpse of the part of car commercials that we don't often see.

From the looks of it, every time we see a car tooling around on a scenic road in an ad, it's being followed by another vehicle with this huge camera rig attached to it.

This person happened to find a Coke can that's older than me in their walls.

It's hard to tell exactly when this was made but the fact that it's proudly proclaiming itself as the official soda of the 1988 Olympics is pretty telling.

Not to mention, it's oddly jarring to see one of these without that ubiquitous label spilling all the nutritional facts.

It's pretty easy to see how this tree stands out among all the others in this forest.

Since it seems like there's a pretty clean cut here, are we supposed to assume that someone overestimated their ability to cut it down?

Because thanks to the other trees holding it up, it seems like "down" was not the direction it was planning to go.

While a lot of the discoveries we've seen so far have been interesting in a positive sense, this one seems a lot more like a red flag.

From the looks of it, it's a waste drum that was made by the Dow chemical company and somehow ended up in this clearing.

Yeah, that's definitely not the kind of thing you want just sitting around in nature.

The uploader of this photo has similar cause for concern when they came across this owl sitting oddly still while ants crawled on it.

This led one commenter to conclude that it's a young owl that fell out of the nest and needs some intervention by an animal care professional.

Unfortunately, we don't know if anyone actually called someone like that because the uploader left soon after a crowd started to gather around the owl.

Of couse, we don't just need to go out in the wilderness to find some unusual sights.

For instance, someone was walking near their local market when they came across this heavily modified bike complete with speakers and LED lights.

Frankly, I just want to see what this thing looks like when it turns.

Whenever we see an abandoned vehicle in the middle of nowhere, it's hard not to wonder why it was there in the first place.

This is especially true of this rusted out bus since it doesn't appear to have any wheels anymore.

Whether it was towed here or someone scavenged everything but its frame after the fact, its presence here certainly leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

This may not be the strangest sight on this list but it's still something that I doubt anyone expected to find.

When this school locker was opened, it became clear that someone filled it entirely with empty cartons of Capri Sun.

Apparently, this was because cartons like these have to be disposed of on the floor below this one and someone thought it was easier just to stash them all here.

OK, then.

When we take a different route home than usual, we can uncover some of our neighborhood's hidden gems.

For instance, the uploader came across this lovely garden that featured some honestly cute decorations.

My favorite is that grinning Wallace from Wallace & Gromit near the top.

A lot of people have bucket lists but I have my doubts that most of them actually wrote theirs on a bucket like this person.

And considering that their dreams apparently include breeding a new kind of corgi and designing a functional manziere — or "bro", if you prefer that terminology —it appears that they're as ambitious as they are creative.

Sometimes the smallest mysteries are the hardest ones to solve.

For instance, it seems that this person found a potato wedge under the hood when they tried to check their car's fluid levels.

Since they'd probably remember eating over their car's inner workings and it seems like a weird prank to pull, I'm guessing that a squirrel or something stashed that here.

The interesting part of this photo isn't just that someone found the birthplace of the U-Haul company but that this claim seems to be in dispute.

This was taken in Portland, Oregon but the city of Ridgefield, Washington also claims to be the birthplace of U-Haul.

Unfortunately, this doesn't get much easier to settle when you visit the company's website.

While its says the married couple that founded U-Haul started the brand after they couldn't find a personal trailer to haul their stuff from Los Angeles to Portland, it also includes a photo backing up Ridgefield's claim without explaining why.

It probably feels pretty weird to see your name spray-painted on the side of someone's building, which is why the uploader was surprised to see this.

It's also kind of unusual to see someone use what could be their real name as a graffiti tag.

Like, just picture a really intense street mural only to see it signed by "Dave."

It's hard to blame the uploader for sounding vaguely puzzled after they stumbled across this car door in the woods.

But while I still couldn't tell you the story behind that bus we saw earlier, others seemed pretty convinced that someone either put this here so they could either shoot at it or shoot from it.

If it weren't for the stem, it would probably be pretty hard to recognize this at all.

But yeah, it seems that this person cleaned out their garage only to discover they had left an apple core behind in there a very long time ago.

Oddly enough, every commenter has tried to convince them to eat it. I'm guessing they passed on that idea.

I'm not sure how smooth it would be to ride on but it appears that someone made a makeshift wheelchair ramp for this building out of Lego.

I'm just hoping the Lego bricks don't do to wheels what they do to people's feet.

There's actually a very simple explanation behind this photo but that doesn't make it any less disorienting.

And no, this is not a mirror. We're simply looking at a trailer with both its side and rear doors open.

Since the view between them is so seamless, it almost makes the car behind the trailer seem like some kind of illusion.

Finding lost or discarded movies on the ground is weird but not completely unbelievable.

But the really strange part here is the uploader came across only the loose disc for Labyrinth. That really makes it seem like someone made a point to throw it on the ground.

I couldn't tell you why, though.

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