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Man Gets Married To Himself After Breakup With Fiance

One doctor has been making headlines recently after he made the unusual decision to marry himself. The decision didn't come easy, however, and was the result of heartbreak, and it is something which has been dividing public opinion somewhat.

The doctor in question is Doctor Diogo Rabelo.

Last November, Doctor Diogo Rabelo — whose hobbies for some reason include walking into the ocean fully clothed, which is very dangerous as you could catch your death — got engaged to his fiancée, Doctor Vitor Bueno, and the pair had planned to have their dream wedding just last month.

However, sadly, things did not go according to plan for the pair.

Vitor left Diogo back in July, leaving the wedding plans seemingly scuppered.

The painful task of canceling a wedding can just drag out the pain of a heartbreaking split for some people. I mean, talking to people on the phone to cancel something can be arduous enough without having to do it while drowning your sorrows in white wine — and apparently finding time in between sessions of inexplicably walking into the ocean in jeans.

Although, despite the setback of there being...well, no fiancé, 33-year-old Diogo didn't let this somewhat substantial hurdle prevent him from getting married anyway!

Diogo therefore decided to marry himself!

Yep, most people would go for a more traditional sense of a "rebound," but Diogo's rebound was his own body — that wasn't meant to sound so weird, sorry.

So, on October 17, Diogo and...well, Diogo's reflection, made their union official in a luxury resort in North-Eastern Bahia.

Diogo's day of celebration was far from cheap, despite the slightly smaller number of attendees than was intended.

Diogo was supported on his special day by a collection of people who were closest to him, as around 80% of the people who were meant to attend still showed up for the unusual event — surprisingly, Vitor's guests did not show for the event due to the fact that...well you can probably guess.

Footage was released on Diogo's Instagram of him saying, "I do" into a mirror. The footage then went viral for a variety of reasons racking up over 140, 000 views and garnering a right mix of responses to the event.

Doctor Diogo apparently spent around £47,300 on the day that supposedly demonstrates self-love.

Diogo specializes in cosmetic procedures, including the likes of Botox injections and face fillers.

Diogo claimed that this was meant to be a comedic approach to something which should have been a tragedy, saying, "Today is one of the happiest days of my life, as I'm with the people I love the most in this life, celebrating what could be a tragedy, but I made it a comedy," speaking to LadBible.

Talking of his decision, Diogo did still express a desire to marry someone else.

"I analysed the situation for a month, and decided that I had to appreciate and love myself. [...] The message I wanted to send to people with this marriage of mine is not that of a victim, I do not depend on a marriage to be happy. I do want to marry someone else, and I want to have children, but my happiness cannot depend on that," Diogo told Globo.

Although, if he really wants to prove that he doesn't need marriage to be happy, then why do it in the first place?

The reaction to Diogo's now-viral wedding has been somewhat mixed.

As Diogo's Instagram filled with videos and pictures of his wedding — most of which look more like trailers for a new vacuous high-end fragrance or a meandering romantic Ted Talk holiday-resort special — there were people praising Diogo's courage to share this message of self-love with the world.

Hundreds of other Instagram accounts from the unfeasibly and sickeningly slick joined in saying such poetic expressions of love as "[Prayer Emoji]", and "[clapping emoji & heart emoji]."

Truly, if it weren't for duck-facing personality vacuums posting pictures of large ambiguous bodies of blue water and post-haircut selfies with such powerful musings as "[prayer emoji]," then I would be tempted to think artistic expression deader than disco.

Some people were slightly confused by Diogo's decision.

For some people, this marriage was seen as something of a vanity project for Diogo.

Look, we all do some things that we may regret when we get out of a long-term relationship — looking at you, Domino's Meateor pizza with hotdog-stuffed crust — but if this is something that has made Diogo feel happy in himself then I guess that is all that matters.

Perhaps Diogo's story will inspire other people to marry themselves.

There are countless people who take the plunge and marry themselves in a demonstration of sologamy —and yes, a lot of the people who do seem to be coming out of long-term relationships but let's just park that to one side for the moment.

Diogo is beyond happy with his decision, and if it encourages people to feel more comfortable with themselves at times of emotional crisis then more power to them.

Could you see yourself marrying...well, yourself?

I know that I sure as hell couldn't see myself doing it, but that's because I have to spend enough time with myself as it is, and I am a bloody nightmare, so I can't imagine how much worse things would be if I was married to myself!

Let me know what you make of this whole situation in the comments below! Also, I cannot be the only one wondering how wildly uncomfortable the first dance must have been?

h/t: LadBible