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Couple Builds An Out Of This World UFO Chicken Coop For Their Earthly Fowl

While most people think of a chicken coop as something built solely for the purpose of housing and protecting chickens, one man had an idea to make his coop go from ordinary to extraordinary.

This is definitely one for all of the sci-fi fans out there. It's a chicken coop that was transformed into a UFO and we're pretty sure our minds were just blown.

Let's probe a bit further, shall we?

There's no fowling up this UFO. It's ready for blast off!

Brett Wilson and Ellen DeAngelis are a super artistic couple from Boise, Idaho, who describe themselves as "UFO nerds." They have a passion for raising chickens, and thought it would be cool to turn their average chicken coop into something out of this world. And they were right.

There are strange and awesome things happening with this chicken coop.

This couple went on an epic hunt for the parts to assemble their custom-made UFO coop.

They gathered tools and items from Craigslist and other suppliers. But it was the pair of 10-foot satellite dishes that act as the foundation of this UFO that really set them up for success on their mission.

Check out this video. The chickens are literally boarding the space craft! Ray Bradbury couldn't have come up with something this extraordinary.

You too can assemble a chicken-friendly UFO, if you are willing to accept the mission, that is.

Backyard Chickens

The best part is that this couple shared the method to their madness with their audience, so everyone can make their own UFO chicken coops.

You can read all about their process on BackYard Chickens.

It turns out, the chickens loved it.

Maybe the chickens decided to embrace their inner alien side or they just wanted a warm place for shelter. Either way, Brett and Ellen made it work.

They'll officially go down in history as the creators of the most innovative chicken coop ever. That's a heckuva cluckin' honor!

Let us know in the comments what you think of this nifty idea.

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