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A Yarn Vending Machine Exists And We're Unraveling Over The News

Most of us automatically associate vending machines with candy or chips, but there's a unique vending machine in Philadelphia that dispenses designer yarn, and it's unraveling our minds.

We're ready to get tangled in this inspirational story and beautiful thread of goodness.

We're pretty sure this vending machine was sewn with love.

Located in the popular Philadelphia barbershop, Elements of Grooming, the vending machine is the brainchild of crochet clothing designer and entrepreneur Emani Outterbridge.

The 24-year-old creative, who goes by the name Emani Milan, dreamed up the idea one day while she was recuperating from a broken foot. Sitting around and designing her own yarn, she thought it would be novel to sell it snack-style in a vending machine.

This idea has magic in every stitch.

She shared her idea on social media and quickly amassed enough money through her fundraising efforts to create her first vending machine.

But it comes as little surprise that the young designer would think up something so novel and successful — she has ingenuity in her blood. At only 12 years old, Emani learned to crochet, and by age 15, she had already started her own crochet business online.

These put the creative in crochet.

She has since designed pieces for celebrities like Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion, whose support also helped build her social media following.

She has also shown her creations at Miami Swim Week.

These skeins of yarn are spectacular.

Emami's first vending machine selling her custom created designer yarn was created recently, but it won't be her last. New and exciting machines are slated to be unveiled in South Philadelphia and then West Philadelphia.

It looks like it's time for all crochet lovers to plan a trip to Philadelphia immediately.

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