10+ Weird Facts About Our Favorite TV Shows

Television is a delightful medium, and these days there are more options to choose from than ever.

However, there are some strange facts about your favorite television series you might now know about. From Easter eggs to production secrets, knowing these odd details can change your perspective on successful series.

Here are 10+ weird facts about our favorite tv shows.

The writer of *That 70s Show* gets 70 bucks when it airs.


Given the name of the show, it's very fitting that the writer, Alex Chilton, gets $70 anytime the show airs.

Because of this fact, he actually refers to the series as "That $70 Show." Which is clever but maybe a little bit too sarcastic.

A new mathematical theorem was created for *Futurama*.

Most television shows don't involve mathematical research to write the scripts. But, one _Futurama _episode container a real-life theorem that was actually made for the show.

This means it's the first mathematical theorem created just for an episode of television. That's commitment!

The original pilot of *It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia* was super cheap to make.

The original pilot of the show never aired, but the current intro uses some of the footage.

It actually only cost $200 to make and was created using a cheap digital camera by Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, and Charlie Day.

The "blue sky" in *Breaking Bad* was actually rock candy.


There are many scenes from this television series that features "blue meth."

Of course, this wasn't actually a drug being kept on set. It was actually just blue rock candy, and the actors would sometimes eat it when they weren't shooting.

Lisa Kudrow published a scientific paper.

We all know and love Lisa Kudrow for playing Phoebe on Friends, but being an actress isn't her only skill.

In 2014, the same year that Friends debuted Kudrow published an academic paper on the neurological subject of the link between left-handedness and headaches.

There is a small, waving snail in each *Adventure Time* episode.

It's not just movies that have hidden details and Easter Eggs to find! Television shows do the same thing!

In the Cartoon Network animated series, Adventure Time, there is a small snail in the background of every episode that waves to fans.

NBC thought Spock looked too demonic.


Spock is a well-known and loved character from Star Trek, but the network wanted the character gone.

Gene Rodenberry wouldn't budge, thankfully, even though NBC thought the character looked too much like the devil and would offend audiences. Seems like a bit of a reach!

The children in *HIMYM* were filmed mostly in the first season.


The actors who played Ted's children filmed most of their scenes in the first season so that they'd be the same age throughout the show.

They actually filmed their moments in the final season way back in season two, and the actors then had to keep the ending a secret for years!

The creators didn't tell the actors when *Married With Children* got cancelled.


This successful series ran for ten years, but when it was finally canceled, Fox didn't actually tell the cast.

Actor Ed O'Neil didn't know about the cancellation until a random couple he met on vacation in Ohio told him.

Belarus created a series that was a rip-off of *The Big Bang Theory.*

The Belarus government actually created a show about four scientists who lived across the hall from a beautiful waitress and named it The Theorists.

It was very clearly a rip-off of The Big Bang Theory, but there wasn't much that could be done about it as it was the government who made it.

Hannah Montana's brother was played by a much older actor.

In Hannah Montana, Miley had an older brother named Jackson. This character was played by Jason Earles, and Earles was 15 years older than the character was supposed to be.

We know it's common for Hollywood to cast actors that are too old for a part, but this is quite the age difference.

Frankie Muniz doesn't remember *Malcolm in the Middle*.

While this might be Muniz's most iconic role that really put him on the map, the actor himself doesn't remember being on the show because he suffers from long-term memory loss.

The actor has opened up about this condition, and we applaud him for that.

One study suggests watching this reality television show makes you a worse person.

Keep in mind that one scientific study isn't proof as it would need to be replicated many times.

However, a study from the London School of Economics and Political Science found that watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians could make people less sympathetic to those in poverty or of a lower class.

Guns N' Roses wouldn't let *Glee* use their music.

Slash, the famous guitarist from the band, told Entertainment Weekly he refused to let the show use the band's music despite Glee producers trying multiple times.

He said that "I draw the line at Glee. Glee is worse than Grease and Grease is bad enough."

Matt LeBlanc had to dye his hair for *Friends.*


You might not realize it while watching, but LeBlanc had to dye his hair for pretty much the entire time he played Joey.

This is because he was already starting to go slightly grey in the first season of the show.