Fascinating Ikea Facts To Know Before Your Next Shopping Spree

Are you a fan of Ikea or do you find shopping there challenging? I gotta admit I'm a bit of both. I love all the cool, modern, chic, and affordable pieces you can buy there. But I also find navigating the store somehow of a hassle.

So if there are ways to shop at Ikea better I'm all ears. These tricks and hacks sound pretty good to me.

Did you know that the first brick-and-mortar Ikea store didn't actually open until 1958?

Wow, who knew? That's an interesting piece of history if you asked me. Also, its founder Ingvar Kamprad started the company when he was only 17!

I mean, what? I dunno what I was actually doing when I was 17, ha, ha!

He used the money given to him by his father for doing well in school to start the company. OMG, that's pretty impressive. Isn't it?

Ikea initially started by selling small items like pens and wallets.

Unsplash | Álvaro Serrano

It was also a mail-order business before it introduced its now-famous catalog. It also was the first of its kind to sell self-assembled furniture pieces that were flat-packed.

Nowadays you can get pretty much anything at Ikea.

Unsplash | Kelvin Yup

You can purchase custom cabinets, sinks, countertops, and various appliances. And get this, you can even get a professional kitchen planner to help you design the kitchen of your dreams. Isn't that amazing?

These days people are always looking for ways to help the environment and save on living costs.

So they're installing or upgrading their existing homes with solar panels. And as you have probably already guessed — you can get those at Ikea, too.

What people love about shopping at Ikea is the incredibly affordable prices and the quality of its products.

But have you ever asked yourself why Ikea is so cheap? Well, Ikea actually picks the product's price before designing and manufacturing it. That way, they can stay on budget.

Therefore, they can work with all their partners to keep the costs down and they pass those savings on to their customers.

So that sofa you saw at a specialty furniture store for $900 can now be available at Ikea for about $500.

There are plenty of cool things you can buy at Ikea at super affordable prices.

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You can even furnish a business with the stuff you buy there. For example, you can buy colorful tables and chairs for that neighborhood cafe you're planning to open.

Looking to buy your next grill? Look no further than Ikea.

If you're lucky enough to go there at the perfect time you can even find one for $100. That's way less than buying it anywhere else. Am I right?

Sometimes looking for a bargain comes with a price.

And that price at Ikea is navigating its store. I for one, always get lost there, ha, ha! But I'm pretty directionally challenged. Luckily, the in-store maps will show you shortcuts to get to where you really need to be though.

Did you know you can also reserve your favorite furniture online and pick it up in the store?

It's only going to cost you $5 and you can save on expensive shipping costs, too. And you don't have to deal with crowds either.

If you ever shopped at Ikea with your baby or toddler and ran out of diapers — don't worry.

There are free diapers provided in the bathroom for that very purpose. I think that's so cool of Ikea to do this.

Here's another thing you don't have to worry about shopping at Ikea — missing out on a good deal.

If you purchase something that goes on sale within 90 days Ikea will refund you the difference. If that's not an awesome thing I dunno what is.

Do you want even more savings?

Check out the section labeled "as is" for stuff that's further discounted. These would be best for those DIY projects you've been planning. So do these tips make you feel more confident for your next trip to Ikea?

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