Realistic Swaddle Blanket Turns Babies Into Little Pizza Pies

There are few things in life that are joyous and amazing. For many, that thing is definitely pizza. Who doesn't love delicious, fluffy, saucy, cheesy pizza? Having a really great pizza pie is like having a really warm, amazing hug. Every bite feels like love. So, if you have a little one at home, why not have your baby wrapped up in an adorable pizza swaddle?

The swaddle is just like your regular, adorable baby swaddle just amped up with a pizza print.

As stated on the Etsy site:

"Add a little silliness to your collection of baby photos (you can definitely never have enough!) or birth announcement portrait by wrapping baby comfortably in this Pepperoni Pizza blanket. Perfect gift to liven up those office baby showers or add a touch of levity to a picnic."

If you have a friend or family member who is a pizza lover, this would me the ultimate baby gift.

If you know someone who is expecting and want to get the best gift ever, this pizza swaddle is where it's at. Not only is it soft and durable, but it's deliciously amazing. This will make for some excellent baby pictures!

Not to mention, this swaddle is thick and warm!

Sometimes, swaddles can be thin and let in a lot of cold air to the little ones. This swaddle is thick and durable to keep your baby and loved ones warm and snuggled tight.

If you want to grab a pizza swaddle, act fast!

The Etsy shop that sells them is so popular that they're running out of swaddles! They're a steal for $24.95, so hop on over to the Etsy's Bublybaby and grab one for you.

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