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Clothing Protectors That Look Like A Button-Up Shirt Help Restore Dignity To Those Who Use Them

We all know individuals who require a bit of assistance when eating. Whether it's our parents or our grandparents, or any other adult, there are some people who just need a little extra protection when eating a meal. It's nothing to be ashamed of, we all could use a helping hand every once in a while.

However, we know that there are those who are embarrassed by wearing a shirt protector, especially out in public.

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Although a protector can save time, messes, and laundry, there are those who just aren't comfortable wearing one. Especially for those times when you go out as a family, some people don't want to have to take it out and wear it in a public place.

One Etsy shop came up with an incredible way to combat this issue.

Etsy shop Fabric Greetings came up with a clever pattern for a shirt protector that also maintains a person's dignity. The best part is that you can make the protector out of an old shirt you have at home.

Essentially, the protector looks as though it's simply just a shirt!

That way, when someone has to wear it, it's as if they're not wearing one at all. It "restores their dignity" and keeps them mess-free all in one.

The Etsy shop sells the pattern and template so that you can make your own at home.

The best part is you can make as many as you want or need using their pattern. The reviews on the Etsy site also report that it's incredibly easy to make! Check them out here.

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