New York City Server Dishes On Celebs She Has Served And What They're Really Like

No matter where you might live, and no matter what season it is, it is always a good time for a nice hot cup of TEA.

And, thanks to this New York server who did not hold back on sharing what celebs are really like, we've got tea that is steaming hot.

Yes, it's the gossip kind. Ready to sip? Keep reading!

Celebrities definitely have a busy and hectic life. They're always running around and filming, or doing press, or taking important Instagram photos to get that clout.

So it makes sense that once and a while, they might not always be in a great mood.

Because duh, they're humans like everyone else! We all have bad days.

There are a ton of celebrities that manage to stay humble, kind, and polite no matter how tired they are, but that isn't the case for every celebrity.

Obviously, we all want to know what they are really like, which is where food industry workers come in handy.

They have all the juicy details.

Thanks to the popular video-sharing app, TikTok, we have been introduced to many interesting characters.

This includes Laura Mesrobian, a New York City actor who worked as a server for a while.

A huge part of what makes Laura's TikToks so great is her series of rating the celebrities she has served.

By doing so, we find out what celebs are *really* like.

She's not the first TikTok user to do so, either, as former hostess Julia Carola has done the same thing.

When she gave Hailey Bieber a low rating (3.5 out of 10) for being cold, Hailey even responded in the comments.

“Just came across this video, and wanted to say sorry if I’ve ever given you bad vibes or a bad attitude,” she wrote. “That’s not ever my intention!”


Ready to find out the truth about some of your favorite celebs? Be warned that this includes the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Frances McDormand

"All she said to me was, 'Are you our waitress? Because we need alcohol right now.' 9/10."

This could be taken one of two ways: one, she is super rude. Or two: she just likes to party and we respect that. Laura must have taken it as the latter, as she gave her a high rating.

Amanda Seyfried

"Came in on a super busy night with her husband, but was really sweet and super understanding. Got a cheese board. Overall pretty great, so 8/10."

Phew. We don't know how we'd feel if we found out that she's secretly a monster. She may have acted in Mean Girls, but she's not cut out to be one.

Greta Gerwig

The Little Women director went above and beyond when she met Laura. This led her to score 11/10 on the rating scale.

Laura even shared a funny story that shows how relatable Greta is. "She had just finished her pregnancy at the time and given birth to her kid. She talked to me for like two minutes at the bar about how much her tits had changed."

Noah Baumbach

As Greta's partner, the Marriage Story director was actually with her that night.

"Jeff didn't match the vibes of Miss Gerwig," Laura said. "Didn't seem like he was having any fun. Kind of see how Noah Baumbach would make Marriage Story. 4/10."

Julianne Moore

As a celebrity, it's easy to bypass being nice to those around you. But Laura said that Moore was "One of the few celebrities to look you in the eye and say, 'Thank you.'"

She also said that she has great skin and is really tiny. Joy overall. 8/10."

Glenn Close

"Regal, composed. Some people had thought of it as cold, but I don't think so. She'd probably dealt with a lot of people by this time, so give her a break," Laura said.

The actress always had her dog, Pip, with her, who would run around the restaurant. 7/10.

Hillary Clinton

The politician was actually served by Laura's friend.

"It was post-election. She had been through it. I was thinking maybe she'd want red wine or something relaxing." But instead, Laura said that she drank tequila sodas. Homegirl just needed to take a load off.

"9/10 for drink choice. 2/10 for war hawk policies."

Jake Gyllenhaal

This cutie got a 7/10. Since she started off by calling him "[expletive] gorgeous," we're going to guess that his looks got him up there.

The only problem is, she said that he's "kind of whiney." His favorite meal? Pinot Noir and french fries. "Always has friends. Somehow never paid, but he was pretty fun."

Dakota Fanning

Fanning is a popular child actress who has grown into a fantastic adult! And it seems she is also a great customer.

"Seems like a really normal person. Met a girlfriend there, split a bottle of wine. Solid tipper. Can't complain. 7/10."

What do you think about these revelations?

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