10+ Smart Lifehacks We Learned From TikTok

What can't TikTok teach us?

Unlike Instagram, where you can believe about...say, 10% of the things you see on there, TikTok has a surprisingly good helpful-to-fake ratio! From cleaning tips, to organizing, to genuine life hacks, these tips are helpful and fun to watch.

Clean your AirPods with two products.

To clean the speaker area, use air in a can to get gunk out of the mesh. Then, roll the other parts in a product called "blue tack." Boom, your AirPods aren't gross anymore!

Tape a tack to the back of anything you want to hang.

The tack will then stick into the wall and make a small hole, which you can use as a guide for where to put your nail. Or anchor — anchor your stuff, people!

Get your movie theatre butter properly layered.

Instead of all of it sitting at the top, stick a straw in your popcorn and dispense the butter down it. Will you have a heart attack after eating it? Maybe.

This bathroom gadget does the work for you.

There's nothing I love more than TikToks featuring the weird stuff people have found on Amazon. This one involves a toothpaste dispenser and holder, which looks super handy!

Clean stained tupperware with some cardio.

Fill your stained tupperware with some dish soap and water. Put a piece of paper towel inside, then put the lid back on. Shake your butt off until the stain is done! Seriously, you're going to be shaking a while.

So...about that water pressure...

If you live in a dorm or another kind of student housing, you may have noticed your absolutely garbage water pressure. This helpful TikTok user pointed out it may have a flow restrictor in it. I'm not encouraging you to pop it out, but...

Use tape to stop paint spillage around the rim of your can.

This hack comes courtesy of a handyman! Using painter's tape, create a "v" shape at the edge of your can. Pour as needed, then peel the tape off! No paint stuck in the rim.

Get a gadget shelf for behind your TV.

I've never seen this before, and now I want one. This handy little shelf attaches to your TV and will support your cable box or gaming console!

Use the little hole at the base of a camping chair for some shade.

Now, I don't know if the manufacturers intended for this, because I know nothing about camping chairs. But this seems like a total lifehack to me.

Fill your tub up way past the drain line.

Anyone who enjoys a good tub knows the pain of having the drain steal all your hot water. If flipping it upside down isn't an option, grab a drain cover from Amazon!

Hack a colander.

This may not work for everyone, and definitely not every pot. But if your colander is around the same size as your pot, you can pop it inside and drain it the reverse way. NEAT.

Create your own foaming soap.

No need to keep buying it! Instead, pick up some Castile soap and use one of your old foaming soap pumps. Fill 3/4 with water and 1/4 with soap, then shake! I've done this for ages, and it totally works.

Eat McDonald's like a pro.

Nowhere to balance your food? No plates nearby? Use your cup as a plate and pop the straw through the divider of your nuggets. No word on if this works for Big Macs.

Use a car cleaning slime to get into those nooks and crannies.

Yup, you read that right. They sell cleaning slime (or cleaning gel, but I think slime is more fun) that you can roll around those hard-to-reach places in your car. Nice.