Adorable DIY Cactus Stool Will Definitely Prickle Your Fancy

For most of us, the idea of sitting on a cactus is, quite frankly, not a very sharp idea.

However, we may want to reconsider when it comes these adorable DIY cactus stools that are not prickly at all, but pretty darn cute.

These stools are perfect for a kid's bedroom or even some garden decor.

They just prickle us pink.


These cactus stools are not only cute, but they're also pretty straight forward to make. They come via ohohdeco's blog, which is full of fun DIYs for us crafty types.

While life is sometimes tough, these cactus stools are pretty smooth.

You'll need a sewing machine, a big plastic planter, felt, embroidery thread, and green fabric.

The cushion that you make out of the green fabric will need to fit into your plastic planter, so make sure not to overestimate or underestimate your sizes.

You can put it pretty much anywhere you think someone would like to plant their precious tush.

Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

It's a great craft for a kid's room, especially if you're raising a little plant lover. You can even include your kid in the design and allow them to choose what kind of flowers they'd like to add.

It would also look great in a garden, but it's not an all-weather stool, so bring it inside if rain or other inclement weather is on the horizon.

Even if you don't naturally have a green thumb, you'll look like a pro.

Oh sure, they say that keeping a cactus alive is easy as pie, but that's not always true for all of us. With this stool, however, you'll have them believing you're a regular plant whisperer.

Head over to ohohdeco for step-by-step instructions on how to make your own cactus stool.

If you do try your hand at this adorable DIY, let us know what you think in the comments.