10+ Moments From Cartoons We Can All Relate To As Adults

While cartoons have more creative freedom to create scenarios that would never happen in real life (talking sponge, anyone?), there are some moments that hit home.

Growing grumpier just like Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants? Check. Going on a diet like Linda from Bob's Burgers? Double-check.

For more, check out these 10+ cartoon moments we can all relate to as adults.

When Bob and Louise from *Bobs Burgers* freaked out over seeing their favorite celeb.


While they only met the star of Hawk & Chick in the show, from their fan-girl reaction, you would have thought they met Chris Evans!

To be honest, they would be so lucky...

When Buford from *Phineas and Ferb* revealed that he works as a "dancer".

Whether he was kidding or not, he couldn't not say that line when there was a huge cake for Isabella's birthday.

The joke practically wrote itself.

When Peter from *Family Guy* was asked to be the Godfather of Joe's child and misinterpreted the role.



Do you mean to tell us that when someone asks us to be the Godmother of their child, we are not supposed to do our best Godfather impression??

When Squidward from *SpongeBob SquarePants* summed up how awkward birthdays are.

Anyone else?? What are you supposed to do while random strangers in a restaurant are singing "Happy Birthday" to you?

Do you sing along? Smile until your cheeks hurt??

When Angelica from *Rugrats* wished to be someone else so she could be friends with herself.

How could you not want this when you know how truly awesome you are?

It is all a part of self-love.

When the Dad from *Bluey* forgot everything for pool day.

In this clip, we learn just how valuable mothers are.

After Dad forgets the pool bag of sunscreen, snacks, towels, and hats, it was the mother who came in to save the day. As per usual.

When Linda from *Bobs Burgers* hated her birthday.


"You get to a certain age and they're just not fun anymore." So. True.

Once you get to the legal drinking age, there just isn't as much to look forward to (besides cake, of course).

When Squidward from *SpongeBob SquarePants* couldn't be bothered to care about his job.

If this isn't a truer description of working in customer service, I don't know what is.

What do you mean, "we're supposed to be nice to the customers and actually work??"

When the daughters from *Bluey* kept trying to sneak forbidden foods into the grocery cart.

Those who have kids will definitely relate to this memorable episode.

Their time at the store goes anything but smooth sailing.

When Bob and Linda from *Bob's Burgers* regret joining the gym.

The "you" who joined a gym is not the same "you" by the end of the week.

While you started hopeful and went ham on your first workout, you wake up sore the next day and ready to quit.

When Squidward from *SpongeBob* was grumpy about 99.9 percent of the time.

When we watched the show as kids, most of us related to SpongeBob with his child-like wonder and free spirit.

But as we get older (and grumpier) we realize that we're becoming more and more like Squidward.

When Angelica from *Rugrats* spoke true words about adulthood.

Could this be a better depiction of what adulthood is like?

You trade in the playtime and lots of naps for paying bills and working the 9-5.

When Linda from *Bobs Burgers* went on a diet.

Been there, done that. She was inspired after seeing her friend Gretchen lose 15 pounds from the "skin deep" diet.

While most of us haven't eaten only fruit peels as food, we've come pretty close with some weird diets.

When Harold from *Hey Arnold* struggled with his weight.

With the quarantine 15 being more real than ever, a lot of people have been struggling with their weight.

This makes Harold's lack of self-control so relatable. chews Dorito.

When Angelica from *Rugrats* revealed that Santa Clause isn't real.

There came a time in each of our young lives where we learned that Santa wasn't real.

Those adults were sitting on a throne of lies (yet, now we do the same to our kids).

When Bob and Linda from *Bob's Burgers* were too tired to go out.


It's every parent's dream: when the kids are away, the parents will play.

You make all sorts of plans to have a night out on the town, but when the time comes, you miss it because you're already passed out.

When Angelica said that some men were threatened by powerful women.

Can we get an "amen"? Speak your truth, queen!

Angelica may have been hard to deal with sometimes, but she learned a lot from having a working mother.

When Jake from *Adventure Time* had to make himself sad.

While Jake had to make himself cry to get his sandwich back, most of us sometimes sit and stew in sad stuff for the heck of it.

Some of us even enjoy that!

When Bob from *Bob's Burgers* got haunted by all the things he's been procrastinating on.


All of the things Bob keeps putting off comes to him in a dream.

For us, it may be in the to-do lists that never have items crossed off or the 1000s of emails in our inbox.

To sum up: adulthood is hard.