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15+ Tiny Details That We're Glad Somebody Pointed Out

You know, somebody went to the trouble of adding in details to a lot of things in the world, so it should be gratifying to know that those nice little touches haven't escaped notice. It would be easy to overlook them too, I'm sure.

So here are some of the cooler details that might otherwise have flown under the radar had someone else not helpfully pointed them out.

How about that?

Reddit | Jermaine1269

On Australian currency, you can line up the clear sections.

And as you can tell, they're also different sizes by denomination, which is just another way for people to be able tell the bills apart with ease and without even having to see them.


Reddit | jaunter

Cats already have some of the coolest eyes in the animal kingdom but this little fellow's eyes have some particular character, with some splotches of extra color in the irises.

In some cases, those splotches can indicate an illness but this for this guy, it just seems to be part of who he is.

There's dry and then there's dry.

Reddit | FlashyHoneydew

And this dishwasher gets that message across pretty effectively. Even if this is just bluster for brand recognition, it works on me.

I hate unloading all the wet dishes in my dishwasher so I'm already sold.

I have questions.

Reddit | needmorekarma777

And the uploader of this pic shares those questions: "Did they construct the building around an existing flagpole? Did they cut a hole in the roof after it was built? Why?"

Well, anybody have a clue they can spare? Because I've got nothing.

A house divided against itself...

Reddit | Jimmy_Hotpants

Apparently, there's some disagreement in this house, as will often happen during election season.

While the parents clearly display their support of President Trump with a large, bright flag, their child has made their own opinion known, writing a faint "Biden 2020" on their window.

Speaking of which...

Reddit | DonTramoya

Someone pointed out that this dog's shadow greatly resembles the profile of Donald Trump, which I can't disagree with.

But, if you're all politicked out, I think a case can be made for Lloyd Bridges. Prove me wrong, peeps!


Reddit | Bro3256Films

Yeah, that's how we did it back in the day before wireless controllers.

To allow for more players, games like this one would have ports for extra controllers built right into them. Actually, it might just be this game.

Not just another light beam.

Reddit | Viva_Vendetta

On a sunny day, you could be forgiven for missing this scene on a garage wall.

Sunlight happened to hit a magnifying glass at such an angle that, rather than scorching anything, it cast an image of the world outside onto the wall.

Something's not quite right.

Reddit | Dexteroth

I don't know, would you be disappointed or intrigued to get a Kit Kat with no wafer inside?

Or are you more horrified that someone is eating two of the fingers at once? I feel like both are details that matter to the candy fanatics out there.

Critical info.

Careful with those, they're antiques! Yeah, I probably would have had a mouthful of old candy before realizing that these Sugar Babies went bad in 2006.

But what could possibly have happened to them in the intervening...decade and a half.

Oh, so that's what they're for.

Reddit | cougar_trap

Well, that's just brilliant: this shower curtain has holes down the side so you can hang it so the stripes go horizontally instead of vertically if that's what you want.

And here I would have hardly noticed those holes at all.

They must have had a good reason.

Reddit | cosmicnate

I mean, generally speaking, you don't get rid of a staircase to a second-story doorway on a whim.

And you can even sort of make out the steps in the way the color has partly faded on the siding, so you know that door was once accessible from ground level.

Well, that's a nice scene.

Reddit | FloopersRetreat

How very festive and cool that a KFC logo at the bottom? Yes, yes it is. So yeah, apparently the Colonel makes and sells festive dinnerware. Why not?

Good catch!

It's easy to see how someone would mistake this for a common, ordinary, plain brown penny. But, it's actually a Civil War token, which means it's probably worth quite a bit more than a typical penny.

Hold the dooooor.

Reddit | Reflex81

Processing ballots is serious work but I suppose there's no reason why the poll workers and ballot processors can't have at least a little fun where they can find it.

So hey, why not name one of the processing machines Hodor?

Nice touch.

Reddit | cabbagesforsale

Because so much tech looks the same even when you have regular vision, it's important to find a way to differentiate things for those without it.

That's why this charger has little Braille dots on it. They spell out USB-C.

Think of that!

Reddit | captainpeapod

This shard of pottery that someone found features fingerprints from the person who made it about 900 years ago.

They did say that they put it back where they found it because it's near ancestral Native American lands and they didn't want to be disrespectful.

Sign of the times.

Reddit | monkey_goose

This bread brand in Finland updated its mascot for 2020 by outfitting the fellow with a mask. I've got a Hel-sinking feeling that some people out there are going to have a problem with this.

How appropriate!

Reddit | furculture

A close-up of the new PlayStation 5 controller shows that it gets its textured grip from an array of tiny triangles, circles, squares, and X's, just like the ones on the controller's buttons.

Good motivation!

Reddit | CplMaersk

On this staircase spotted in Japan, you get a reminder that your climb is worth your while — little stickers show how many calories you're burning as you go. Nothing wrong with that!

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