People Are Sharing Photos Of How To Spot Cameras Hiding In Plain Sight

Have you ever stayed at an Airbnb or any other short term rental? Well, you might have wondered about privacy in those places. Surely, you must've heard stories about hidden cameras being concealed in some of these kinds of places?

Even if you're staying at a hotel you may not always be safe from prying eyes. But, fear not. These tips will help you spot those hidden cameras and stay safe.

1. This Smoke Detector Camera

A family staying at an Airbnb discovered a hidden camera inside one of the smoke detectors in a private living room of a listing. They reported it to Airbnb and eventually after some investigating the listing was removed.

2. This Alarm Clock Camera

One of the more obvious places somebody can hide a spy camera is in an alarm clock. Believe it or not, as easy as the installation can be some of us wouldn't even suspect it is there so be sure to check these devices.

3. This Charger Camera

If you ever see a charger lying around in a place you have rented, be suspicious. I mean, why would there be one? Perhaps the renter included it for the convenience of those staying there, but, then again, perhaps not.

4. This USB Charger Camera

Speaking of chargers, this spy camera was actually found in the woman's bathroom at a Starbucks. It was plugged in directly across from the toilet. So these hidden cameras can even be located in public toilets. How scary is that?

5. This Outlet Camera

People are actually finding hidden cameras that were placed inside of just a typical outlet that looks like this. Can you believe that? Now you have to pry outlets to check if there isn't anything hidden in there? WTF?

6. This Coffee Cup Camera

Those out there who are getting smarter about placing hidden cameras might hide them in an ordinary object like an empty coffee cup. So if you see any items like these leftover make sure you throw them out in a trash can that's outside of your room.

7. This Wall Clock Hidden Camera

Here's another unsuspecting place somebody could have tampered with. It's pretty easy to put a hidden spy camera inside of a wall clock. The perpetrator can now see the whole room — and you — using the camera inside

8. This Pen Holder Camera

Many unsuspecting places can be used to place hidden spy cameras. Take, for example, this pen holder. Would you even think there could be a camera in there? I dunno, I don't think I would suspect it much.

9. This Water Bottle Camera

You can actually purchase a fake water bottle that comes with a spy camera just like this one. Again, if any objects seem a bit odd or out of place, it's a good idea to check them over.

10. This Fake Screw Head Camera

Okay, this one is still baffling to me. Now, people are putting hidden cameras in fake screw heads. I mean, what? Do you know how many of them can be found around? A lot, I suspect. Ugh!

11. This Air Freshener Camera

Would you suspect an air freshener that was placed in a shopping mall bathroom to contain a spy camera? Well, now I will. Apparently, this one was found by a visitor in Russia. That's so scary.

12. This Motion Detector Camera

If you see a single motion detector like this one in a room you're staying in, be very suspicious of it. It could possibly have a hidden spy camera inserted inside of it as this person found out.

13. This Coat Hook Camera

Somebody actually placed a hidden camera that was disguised as a coat hook in a public restroom at the Virginia Tech campus. You can actually buy stuff like this on Amazon for only about $25. Wow, that's insane.

14. This Photo Frame Hidden Camera

These days, it's easy to buy spy cameras. For example, you can get this photo frame that comes with one right on Amazon. Who would ever think somebody is spying on them via this simple frame?

15. This Shampoo Bottle

Unsplash | Apothecary 87

Speaking of ordinary objects, would you suspect something like a typical shampoo bottle? Well, you should since they can have hidden cameras inside of them. Isn't that so sneaky? I admit this is making me nervous.

16. This Camera In The Ceiling

Cameras can literally be hiding anywhere, even places like the ceiling. They can be inserted into the sprinkler system, just as you can see here. Finding cameras like these is a lot trickier, that's for sure.

17. This Notebook Spy Camera

If you're staying at an Airbnb and there are lots of books around, you may want to give them a thorough look. You never know —there could be a recorder hidden inside one of them.

18. This Remote Control With Hidden Camera

This remote control camera is so covert that it allows the object to blend into any home or office. Nobody would be the wiser if this gadget started recording them.

So now that you know where to spot hidden cameras what can you do about it?

Well, you can search the whole place from top to bottom or you can arm yourself with tools like a SpyFinder camera lens detector. Would that make you feel safer or are you still freaked out by all of this?

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