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Pucker Up, Buttercup, Because Key Lime Pie M&M's Are Coming In 2021

When that afternoon sweet craving hits, there's nothing like a bag of M&M's to satisfy your need for sugar. And while there are a number of flavor combos to choose from, there's one that's coming soon that has us chomping at the bit.

That's right, we're talking Key Lime Pie-flavored M&M's, and we're already somehow craving seconds and thirds.

The mix of sweet and tart already has us in a tizzy.

These are going to be undoubtedly refreshing.

These flavors seem to be mixing things up a bit with white chocolate instead the traditional milk chocolate.

And with a milder chocolate base, more of those refined and tart key lime pie flavors are sure to come out.

There's a season for key lime pie M&M's.

Unsplash l Ariana Suárez

While there's not a lot of information out yet, we're under the impression that this flavor is very much inspired by Easter and meant to feel like a very spring weathered snack, just don't let your chocolate melt!

These candies may be little but they've got fierce flavors.

We've also been thinking that these M&M's are going to be very popular, especially when it comes to family events and just general munching, so watch the calendar, time goes by quickly.

We can hardly wait for key lime pie season — or rather, spring.

As far as we're concerned, every season is pie season, but key lime does seem especially suited to spring. So, bring on spring!

Key Lime Pie M&M's will be available starting in March 2021. As if we didn't need another reason to look forward to the spring season.

Are you as excited for this new flavor as we are? Let us know in the comments.