10+ Cool Product Designs That Also Serve A Purpose

You know what you need in your home? Functional art.

No, really! If you have a small space, you know how important it is to carefully curate what items you keep in your home. That means your everyday staples have to be beautiful, as well as functional.

From tables that double as speakers, to homemade goods with a purpose, these products will definitely look good in your home.

This mirror has a LOT of storage.

Not only does it rotate 360°, it has built-in storage that props it up, as well as an jewelry armoire behind the mirror! Seriously, this is the most mileage you'll ever be able to get out a mirror.

This headband isn't a headband at all.

It's headphones! They come in three different colors, and offer really great sound for your commute. I want headphones this stylish, guys.

Get them at The Grommet for $59.95.

This stunning kitchen cart is a secret rolling island.

I know I could definitely use some more counter space in my kitchen, which is why I totally want this cart from Wayfair. It has an oak finish on the shelves, and can be rolled away when not in use!

This side table is also a litter box enclosure.

Perfect for spaces that need some surface storage, but also a way to hide the litter box! Yes, I also see how fake that cat looks. It's still a chic looking piece of furniture, though! Get it at Wayfair.

This sofa is actually a sleeper sofa.

The back folds down to create a cozy sleeping space on an already extremely cute couch. If pink isn't your thing, it also comes in yellow, blue, grey, teal, and green! Get it at Wayfair.

Corner mount shelves are the perfect way to add some unexpected storage.

People really don't utilize corners the way they should! Corner shelves are the ideal way to add display space for some of your favorite pictures and souvenirs. Get it on Amazon

This cabinet is actually full of shoe storage.

I have one of these, and I LOVE it. It really helps cut down on clutter at the front door! Plus, the top is a great place to keep keys and other knick-knacks. Get it at Wayfair.

These cute little outdoor lights are speakers!

The bottom features a flameless light that mimics the look of fire, and the top is a high-quality speaker! You can get them as singles, or in a set of two for a little discount.

This trash can? Yeah, it's motion activated.

Unbelievably, I first saw this trash can on TikTok. It has a motion sensor built into the top to allow for touchless trash disposal. I need this. Make me jealous and get it at Wayfair.

This little stool has storage inside it.

A stool with storage is perfect for a home that can't keep track of the remotes. Stick 'em in here and never wonder where they went again! You can pick this chic guy up at Wayfair.

This coffee table can convert to a desk.

This is great for us work-from-home types who know that you definitely end up on the couch, despite your best intentions. I was going to stay at my desk, I swear!

You can get this at Wayfair.

Plug-in wall sconces are perfect for renters.

If you're like me, your apartment doesn't have nearly enough lights installed in it. This plug-in wall sconce might be the perfect solution for you — no hardwiring required!

This toilet paper holder is also a phone stand.

Listen, we all bring our phones into the bathroom. You might even be in the bathroom right now! (I hope it's going well.) This toilet paper holder will give you somewhere to put your phone while you pull your pants up. Nice.

This gorgeous, mid-century table is also a speaker.

This is perfect for people who want speakers, but don't have the surface area to put them on. This two-in-one design is available on Amazon and is made by Victrola!