Lil Pump Threatens To Leave The U.S. If Donald Trump Isn't Reelected

Rapper Lil Pump is making it clear he is not willing to live in the U.S. if Donald Trump does not get reelected.

The 20-year-old made his intentions clear in his latest series of Instagram videos.

The artist recently made his support for President Trump known on social media last week and is now doubling down on his stance.

Lil Pump recently let his 17 million Instagram followers know that he is rooting for the president's reelection.

The 20-year-old vocalized his support in an Instagram video.

"All I gotta say is Trump 2020," the rapper can be heard saying in the clip.

The rapper also made an appearance at the president's final rally where the POTUS referred to him as "Lil Pimp."

Now, he's letting fans know he is planning on leaving the country if Trump doesn't get elected again.

"Yo, no cap... If Trump does not get elected, I'm moving the [expletive] out of here [expletive]," Lil Pump can be heard saying in an Instagram Story.

"I'm going to Colombia, [expletive] it," he concludes, as he smokes a cigar and sports a MAGA hat.

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