Kim Kardashian Hints She Didn't Vote For Husband Kanye West

With election night in full swing in the U.S., it's only human to wonder who our fav celebrities have voted for.

When it comes to the wives of candidates, however, it should be obvious who they voted for — right?

WRONG! Because Mrs. Kim Kardashian West might not have voted for hubby Kanye West.

At least, Twitter thinks she didn't.

As you might recall, many celebs were encouraging people NOT to vote for Kanye West.

Mainly Jennifer Aniston, who told people it wasn't funny to vote for Kanye in her latest IG post.

"It’s not funny to vote for Kanye. I don’t know how else to say it. Please be responsible," she wrote.

Now, it seems Kanye's own wife, Kim Kardashian may not have voted for her hubby.

Is it the responsible thing to do for our country? Yes.

Is it the most supportive move as his wife? NOT REALLY!

It seems Kim liked a tweet from rapper Kid Cudi who posted a selfie with the caption, "Vote for Biden if you a real one."


Is Kim a real one?!

However, people shouldn't be TOO surprised that Kimberly isn't casting a vote for her hubby. Kim retweeted Kamala Harris' election day message earlier today!

Well, if today isn't just throwing us surprises left, right, and KANYE!

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