Megan Fox Had Every Right To Slam Brian Austin Green For Posting Pics Of Their Kids

Every parent should get an equal say in what happens to their kids, especially when it comes to social media. Everything that gets shared online is online pretty much forever, especially when you're a public figure going through a public divorce.

Megan Fox recently made headlines for calling out her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green, for sharing pictures of their kids online, and she had every right to do so.

Megan and Brian were married for ten years.

The couple share three children together, Noah, Bodhi, and Journey. While at first their split seemed pretty amicable, it quickly has taken a turn for the worse, after Brian shared a photo of himself for Halloween that included Journey in the frame.

Megan responded in the comments of the now-deleted pic.

Megan wondered why Brian always chose to share pictures that had their children in them, claiming that Brian was trying to "feed" the "pervasive narrative" that Megan is an "absent mother."

While some people criticized her for calling Brian out, she has every right to ask that her children not be posted on social media.

This isn't even the first time Brian has seemed to respond to Megan in a petty way involving their kids since their split.

When Megan shared a picture of her new boyfriend, rapper Machine Gun Kelly, captioned "Achingly Beautiful Boy... my heart is yours," Brian followed up sharing photos of their sons (and his son from a previous relationship) with the same caption, only pluralized.

Many fans took it to mean that Brian was being shady about Megan's relationship.

It also seems like Brian's other ex, Vanessa Marcil, whom he shares 18-year old-son Kassius with, is on Megan's side.

Vanessa shared the above image reading "Like I said... the Truth always comes out in the end," shortly after all the drama happened with the very telling caption, "#ImWithYouSister."

It seems like this might be a pattern of behavior, or at least Vanessa is suggesting so!

Some people still think it was unnecessary on Megan's part.

"I mean, I really feel like this could have been a text," one fan wrote on Comments By Celebs, an account that screenshotted the post and the comment before Brian deleted it.

Some people were really not fans.

"There was no reason for her to comment publicly about this. They [co-parent] so she could have easily texted all this to him. Ridiculous," another comment read.

It seems like these comments are making a few assumptions about their relationship!

A lot of fans came to Megan's defense.

"If she felt the need to publicly comment, this is probably a conversation they’ve had in private before and he didn’t listen. [A] pov to consider before we critique her," one fan wrote.

Many fans agreed that Megan had every right to call him out!

"Sometimes drastic responses are needed. We the public don’t have the whole story. Cut her some slack. And it’s a reasonable request to not want pictures of your children shared, especially when you’re in the spotlight," one fan wrote.

We have no way of knowing if Megan has tried to ask privately to not share pictures of their children.

Megan herself hasn't shared any pictures of their children in over a year, so it's not crazy to think that her feelings on sharing pictures of them has changed, and if she doesn't want their pictures shared, she's allowed to ask Brian to delete the picture. Which he did, by the way.

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